Friday, July 16, 2010

♫ Lets Twist again, like we did 50 yrs.ago.♫

♫ Lets Twist again, like we did 50 yrs.ago.♫
Well, if you have that notion even vaguely in your mind, have an ambulance standing by. Chubby Checker brought the dance to everyone, but I guess he wasn't the first to sing it. Luck of the draw eh? And they say (Notice how it is always "they" and they seem to know everything.) that this was the first dance where people didn't touch. Now I'm kind of skeptical about that. I've seen lots of cowboy movies with indians dancing around the fire and never have I seen them touch. And pirates? What about them? On a pirate ship, doing a jig? No touching there. You just have to take everything with a grain of salt. Because "they" are known to lie.

Staying with entertainment, Regis and his hand puppet were on PEI to do four shows. Cost one million $'s. Considering what it costs for 30 sec. at the Super Bowl, this sounds like a good deal. Where else could you get a four ad for that amount?  I liked it there last month and thinking of going next year. And gas was ten cents a liter cheaper. We know that Regis is not a seafood man. I guess when he goes to the Gulf, he eats steak.

Continuing along with Arts & Entertainment and into Fashion File. It seems that the chic thing for men to do is to roll up their pants legs an inch or two. Talk about desperate. Fonzie you are not. Seen a few photos and they look like someone trying to sneak out of the back door of a mental home. You know, these guys could be on the same runway with those who wear their pants halfway down their ass. But the half-ass guys would have to be extremely overweight to give the full effect. Wonder why the guys in this photo don't show their faces? At least they have clean shorts.

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