Saturday, July 31, 2010

Prince Charles Will Save The World

Saturday morning on what promises to be a beautiful day. About to do my usual Sat. routine, take my wife & daughter Yardsaleing. I think she found an empty spot in the house, so we have to find something to fill it. Better bring some money in case I find something for me. There's a difference between her and I. I actually look for legitimate stuff. Something like electrical boxes for wiring my shed. I think they should have yard sales for men only. Just sell manely stuff. Like car parts, beer hats and the all time favourite barbacue aprons. It's hard to have a yard sale for men. We don't have any junk. Everything we have, we need. And there is a reason for that. Every time the wife figures it's getting too crowded and she has to throw out stuff, she turfts out the husbands stuff.

Yesterday I mentioned the auction of Winston Churchill's dentures. I have to admit that I was slightly incorrect on that. It was only the upper plate, so I guess you can say it was only half a mouthful. They expected $8,000. but actually got almost $ 23,000. I guess it was because they changed the name of the item. They no longer called them Winston's Churchill's dentures. No sir. They called them, "The Teeth That Saved The World." Wouldn't you bid on something like that? There was probably a bidding frenzy after that. Imagine coming home to your wife and she asks,"What did you get at the auction dear?" OH, I got "The Teeth That Saved The World."  I don't know where they are now. Hope not in someone's mouth.

The Canadian Navy are getting new helicopters. Yes, and they are due three years ago. So we will be getting them at a later date. If some of the requirements are dropped we can get them at a earlier later date rather than a later date. Stuff like a system that allows info to be exchanged between ship and helicopter. Even so I think that we have to have something. We can still use flags, can't we? Too slow? So the solution to that would be to have Twitter accounts. Everyone would be issued an ipod. Another uneccessary item is an endurance test for flying in warm weather. By then we won't be in Afghanistan so why worry about warm weather. Another is a test that requires that one engine keeps going if the other engine fails at higher temperatures. I am kind of leery about that one. I understand that one engine won't fail because we are not in Afghanistan, but thinking about a car, if the engine overheats, you shut it down or it will do it by itself. Maybe they think that after the engine blows, the helicopter falling to earth will cool off the second engine and it will start. Or maybe they couldn't find a pilot stupid enough to do that test.

The bottom line is that Canadian factories get more jobs for the next twenty years, which is probably what they wanted. The end result is we are getting helicopters early later, have flags as communications with engines that may fail if they fly over southern Ontario in August.

By the way, you can make comments on these articles. If they are nasty, they won't see the light of day and you have been talking to yourself.

My add to Facebook today is: Prince Charles: 'My duty is to save the world'... We're in good hands now.

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