Monday, August 16, 2010

The Bamboo Bicycle and You

Read this article and found it a bit hard to get my head around. "Veggies for sale at Yarmouth hospital." What they are doing is holding a farmers market in the cafeteria. I know the health care system is having a hard time but I don't think this will generate much cash. What they say they are doing is supplying fresh vegetables to the staff but other people can come and shop there too. It looks like a lot of "green thumbs" had a very good growing season. Now what to do with it? Still think it's a bit over the top, it being a hospital and all.  Must have been a slow news day. Good luck to them all.
"The Expendables" is I suppose the ultimate in action films. Read an article from a critic last week. He thought the movie was going to be a comedy. So going to see it with this preconceived idea, he had a letdown. I don't think his criticism was justified because the movie was not what he expected to see. An action movie, it is what it is. It's for entertainment, not anything for deep thought.

Stallone has certainlly been busy writing the last few years. First "Rocky" which he brought to a close. Then "Rambo" which he brought to a close. Now this new film which could be the start of a series of films to keep the old guys in work. Negative ctitics or not, the film got 35 million the first day. If you like action films, there you are. Lots of boom and bang.

Looking to invest your money in something? I have the perfect plan for you. An uptrending market. Bamboo. Did you know that bamboo grows about a meter a day and has a strength to weight ratio similar to that of steel?  So what's the big deal with bamboo? Bicycles. Startups for bamboo bicycle shops are taking off like crazy in the U.S. and internet business for bamboo bicycle kits are booming. Another point for green freaks is that the frame can be disposed of in your compose bin.

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