Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Tiger By The Tail Or Somewhere Else

So I guess Tiger Woods is out of the woods so to speak. Divorced and all that. So is he a poorer but wiser man now? Well, poorer but probably not wiser. It does have some good points to it though. He won't have to sneak into the house with his shoes in his hands any longer. That's what probably got him into trouble the last time. He won't have to make any late phone calls, "Honey, I'll be late. A friend and I have a few more balls to play with." And what about nagging? No more nagging about girl friends. You would think that would be over. I know some divorced couples and sometimes that is just the start of nagging. As of now, he can move on to the next blond conquest and candidate for his wallet.

♫ Its Howdy Doody Time, Its Howdy Doody Time ♫
Some can remember that. The guy who wrote the show including that song died the other day. 85 years old. That show was on the air from 1947 till 1960. Guess its not a type of show that calls for reruns. He is also credited with coining the word "kowabunga" which Bart Simpson now lays claim to. That Bart is a bad one. Stealing from Howdy Doody.

Do you remember 'Crocodile Dundee' star Paul Hogan? He is from Australia but now lives in the U.S. Well, I guess he owes a very large tax bill to Australia. But in a American TV interview last year, Hogan, 70, vowed that the taxman would not get a penny more of his money and added: ‘Come and get me, you miserable b******s.’ Then what happens? His mother dies and he goes home for the funeral. The Australian Taxation Office immediately issued him with a Departure Prohibition Order, which prevents him leaving the country until the alleged tax debt is paid or settled. Hope he brought some clean changes of underwear.

Just back from my two mile walk. Black clouds started rolling in, so when I got half way, I turned around and came back. That still counts for two miles doesn't it?

Facebook entry for today: Grrrh! ... My wife got to the newspaper first and now I have to straighten it out.

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