Thursday, February 17, 2011

Freedom of Speech

Looks like fairly good weather today. Calls for 5C/41F. That will melt some more snow.
Time to see what the newspaper says and what I think they are saying.

Half the front page and half the next page is about the meals for the athletes at the Canada Games. 1500 hungry mouths to feed. They are using the Convention Center for that. With Halifax having the largest navy base in eastern Canada, I would have looked into the navy galley for doing the job. They are used to large numbers.

I saw an ad from Kent Hardware for a vac to clean out ashes from the wood stove. It was $300. now on sale for $200. It looks exactly like a wet/dry shop vac. I wouldn't be buying a $300. vac, just to take the ashes from the stove. That goes on the list of fools and money. I take the ashes out with a small shovel, and suck the rest out with a $5.00 vac.

Speaking about the Americans and their freedom of speech, I wonder if it also covers Blogs.(I'm sure someone will tell me.) The reason I ask, because a teacher in Philadelphia got the boot for writing about her high school students. She called them lazy whiners, among other things. Can't say I don't agree with her. I love Philly, and not only the cheese. I've been there thirty times. Once I got lost and a policeman escorted me to a toy store.

This headline, I enjoyed the most. "Gadhafi tries to quell unrest by raising civil servents' salaries." What does it really mean? It means he gave a raise to all his relatives.

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