Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Toaster On Fire? Chinese Junk!

Son of a gun, it's cold out. Temp is -10C/14F and windchill is -20C/-2F. Stuck my nose out to get the paper and that was enough. Saw neighbours rush out to get a Tim Hortons coffee. I must be missing something. I just make my own coffee. And if you have to have that coffee, you can buy it by the can and still brew it yourself. Okay, my neighbour has spent $4.00 for coffee and I still have my $4.00. It will be towards my next trip. Maybe Italy.

Big earthquake in New Zealand. It looks like a lot of buildings will have to come down. When I look at some of those buildings, I can't understand why more people wern't killed.

Watched Gadhafi on TV yesterday, well for a few minutes. I have to admit, I didn't have a clue what he was saying. I also didn't understand the transalator.

I see the Prime Minister has sent the Governor General on a goodwill tour of the middle east. That kind of boggles the mind. Do you think he may not like the Governor General? Then again, he did appoint him. Maybe he is trying to get on the good side of someone, before the protests start.

And the pirates killed the four Americans. What a shame. On the other side of the coin, they shouldn't be there in the first place. What I can't understand is why they don't just blow the hell out of those buggers as soon as they see them. Never mind bringing them back to the States and sending them to jail for thirty years. Free room and board and cable TV. They used to hang those guys and let the crows pick them dry.

On another note, a woman in the area is sueing places because her toaster caught on fire and damaged her house. That Chinese junk. You have to stay away from it if you can. I bought one of those new type light bulbs. GE but made in China. Junk. Turned it on one time and it blew the side out of the base. I try and buy U.S. made. Quality is the key word here. Darn those companies for sending all their factories to China. The CEO's should be strung up, or at least sent to Somalia. All the Americans lost their jobs and we end up with junk.

A lot on the news last night about cell phones increasing brain activity. Duh! You're talking on the phone, aren't you. What do you expect the brain to do?

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beezknez said...

lol do you ever i wonder have anyone a little annoyed with you ..Im not as im not inclined to be swayed by the system and others tricks of negative persuasion re political correctness in how we are to speak address certain subjects that includes race eg your comments of Chinese Junk ( Im truly only wondering ) i have to agree that many of the things I have tried that have been made in china and of persuasive cheaper price than that of my own country it is more often than not as you say Junk or has the lifespan of perhaps a month then problems occur.... hmmm this has also happen with items brought in my own country and other countries too that are made with inferior products to what is really necessary for such an item to be workable and have a quality life of usage Anyway apart from all that I find your comments interesting and entertaining ThankQ Beez :))