Thursday, March 3, 2011

Obesity Are Us And Them

Out on the lawn, there rose such a clatter,
I jumped from my bed, to see what was the matter.
And what to my wondering eyes did I see,
A snowplow!

This was 1 o'clock in the morning, over a road that doesn't have a flake of snow. I notice we get excellent service when there is no snow. Maybe he was looking for a freak snowpile. Although we had rain and snow yesterday, the amount of snow on the ground today, is the same as yesterday. Maybe we should call it ice now. Temp. is -2C/-28F. and it feels like -8C/21F.

The important article today is about obesity. 25% of Canadians are obese. Don't laugh Americans, because 36% of you are obese. I think we measured too many Chinese in our poll. That's what gave us the edge. The interesting thing is, most men are obese between 60 to 74 yrs. of age. It appears that's how they spend their retirement. For women, it's a sad story indeed. For them, it's 20 to 29 yrs. of age. A lot of them will not live long enough to get in the other bracket. Enough of that, I know how difficult it is to watch one's weight.

The Pope has a new book out. In it, he says the Jews are not responsible. I think everyone has been stupid for the last two thousand years. Of course the Jews didn't do it. The Romans did it. In other words the Italians. They just passed the buck.
"Hey, we didn't do it. the Jews did it. All those guys dressed like Romans? They're Jews."

Saw this article about Subway. There is a store in the mall behind my house. They wanted to put an iron bar across the exit door, but the Fire Marshall said no. They say it is too easy for thieves to break in. This comes from a break-in last year. I am probably the only person who knows what happened after the robbery. Maybe the police know.

Behind our house there is a 7" metal fence. On the other side of the fence, behind my house is a very large tree. All the branches, from the ground, to the top of the fence, have been cleaned to make a rough ladder. The thieves went over the fence, landed in my nice soft garden, and went through my back yard. When I saw that, I took my chainsaw and cut off all those branches. Maybe they will rob it again, then get a surprise. They will have to walk the length to get out.

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