Sunday, July 22, 2012

Visitors and Beer

I had planned to cut the grass yesterday, but I got involved with "The Jackal," designing his rifle. We did a good job. Anyway, I can cut the grass on Monday. Weather is supposed to be similar.

Two weeks of visitors are gone, that should be it for the summer. Scared to get on the scale. Too much restaurants, KFC, steaks, lobster and beer. Especially the beer.

Did you know that 80% of intelligence comes from the nother's side? This is something you can't criticize too much or you would be insulting your mother. I have to admit that comparing my relatives with my wife's there is probably some truth in it.

Over the years I've noticed how everyone throws out the coffee filter after one go. I use it till it is full of coffee grounds, then it goes to the garden.

Have my book "Moonshine or Dirty Faces" on Amazon. Just in ebook so far. Have to do some work on the cover before it goes into print.

Woke up about 1am and noticed the back yard lights were on. Probably a cat or something. Thought I would have a look anyway. You never know, someone might be breaking into my shed. Opened up a crack in the blind and then I was eyeball to eyeball with a deer about 5" away, happily having a night snack. Then he wandered off to my neighbours. I must say, he is a bit away from the woods. Maybe he came to see the tall ships.

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