Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Finger

Rain yesterday and today. Need it and I don't have to water the garden or flower pots.

I did my walk yesterday before it started to rain. As a van was driving by, I could have sworn the guy was giving me the finger. But, as I watched him go by, I realized it was an ornament hanging from the mirror. I guess that means he is giving everyone the finger.

Last Sat. while I was on my walk. I noticed two houses had thrown out their snow shovels. Both shovels were amost new. I'm sure they didn't believe there would be no snow this winter. The thing is, they were of the same type. The new fangled ones with the bends in them. My guess is, they tried them and didn't like.

In my new book, "Moonshine or Dirty Faces," I use my hometown of Sydney Mines as the background. I changed the name to Li'l Warsaw, which is not a name I just drew out of a hat. At the end of the nineteenth century, the lower part of Pitt St. was nicknamed such. I exaggerated areas and living conditions and sometimes I down right lied. Now I am starting another story which continues from the last. This one will be a short story. A little corner behind my right ear is forming a third one.

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