Thursday, September 5, 2013

Yearly Visit

Yesterday I went for a blood check. Once a year thing. It took two hours, almost to the minute. Later on, someone asked me why I didn't go to the drug store and get it done for $15.00.  I asked why, I have nothing better to do. It would be like wasting $15.00. I took my Kindle with me and read 30% of a book.
You can't eat after midnight the night before, so when I got up, I just went to the hospital. Even at that time of the morning there was 35 people ahead of me.
The one thing you notice is the number of overweight people. I can't critize overweight, most people are in that state, especially older ones. Some have trouble walking, probably have diabetes, and you know they don't want to be in that shape. But it takes a lot of willpower.
So, you sit there and watch, and it's like a sideshow. Some of those characters. It amazes me. I sometimes wonder how they have been able to survive so long.