Thursday, April 28, 2016

What did the German soldiers of WWII think of British, US, Canadian, and Soviet soldiers? James Hinton

James Hinton, U.S. Army 1998-2007, E-6, SFOR 12, OEF IV, OEF VII.
James is a Most Viewed Writer in World Wars.

I read the autobiography of Otto Carius, Tigers in the Mud. He was a tank ace (150+ kills) who served on both the East and West fronts, ending the war as a company commander.

He viewed the Soviets as extremely dangerous opponents. According to him they were equal parts competent, hard working, and brutal.

He really didn't have much to say about the Brits, as he wound up facing mostly Americans on the Western Front.

His perspective of Americans was that they were extremely sloppy, incompetent, and cocky. He had no respect for them as soldiers. He was extremely angry at Western Front German troops for being afraid of the Americans, as they utterly failed to compare to the Russians in any way.

Overall, he was incredulous about the Western allies. As far as he was concerned the British, French, and American armies needed to accept German terms as quickly as possible and then join the Germans in fighting the U.S.S.R. He viewed Russia as a singularly dangerous and unstable entity, and could not understand why the Western nations would continue to aid them when it was clear that Germany was being over-run by Ivan.