Thursday, January 26, 2017

So, when I woke up this morning,

my first profound thought - they are all profound - as long as I stay under the covers, because as soon as my feet touch the cold floor, thoughts leak out like the heat in my feet. You know, this sounds like a task for the government. They could give some Psychologist a grant to find out the correlation between profound thoughts and cold feet.
So, my first profound thought was about CNN. I wondered if it could still be called a news outlet. Lets face it, you can get just as much news from The National Enquirer. Do they still sell that paper?  Actual news on CNN is in short supply. Death of a celebrity, mass shootings, police shooting a black guy and Donald Trump. A celebrity death will cover the news for the day. The same goes with shootings. All these are negative articles, which also includes Donald Trump. News articles about him are always negative.
Take today for example. A celebrity died is the blanket news for the day. Then there is the wall. You know, the U.S. is not unique in building a wall. Might be a good place for graffiti.There are 65 countries in the world with walls. China was probably the first, at least the most memorable. So why waste all this time talking about a wall, who cares.
Enough about my profound thought, I have to take off now, having coffee with two of my brothers. We will discuss the affairs of the world, formulate a solution and leave it at that.