Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Are We Naive Or just Dumb?

Tuesday morning and as far as weather is concerned, it will leave everythng as is. So the first thing I do get my coffee and grab the paper. I almost choked on my coffee when I read the headlines, "Spy agency to probe itself." That has to be the joke for the day. The newspaper must figure it has a lot of gullable readers. Then again, there are a lot of naive people running around. To be fair, all of us are a bit naive. Some are downright dumb. I knew a woman once that if I told her that headline, she would say,"Oh, that's good."

A friend was over yesterday looking for a wheel for his lawn mower. The ones I had were too small but then I remembered the mower I was throwing out. Sure enough, right size wheels. He took one of them and after he left I took off the other three. I remembered that he broke one last summer and now I have his next summer replacement. Then I mowed my neighbour's lawn.

From my list of summer projects, I only have two left. Electricity for the shed and work on the snow blower. I went to the hardware store and bought the parts I needed for the shed and found out the information about the underground wiring. Then I started on the shed part and I will finish it all today. I'll have to measure the cable length after that.

When "The Black eyed Peas" were in town, the promoter had asked the city for $400,000. He didn't get it and I'm glad of that. The promoter never said that he lost any money so I'm assuming that he made a profit. 30,000 people attended the show. Since he is a businessman, he should be treated as such. All the stores don't get a kickback when they open their door. All businessmen take a risk, charge for their wares and watch their expenses. I'm sure he knows how much to charge to make a profit. If you go to the show, you pay the piper. If I don't go to he show, I shouldn't have to pay.

Talking about dumb headlines. "When you're sick it pays to be rich." It goes on to say,"Study suggests wealthy cancer patients live linger; researchers wonder why differences exist." Duh! You needed a study. You know that someone got big money to that study. Later on it read that thry wanted to do another study to see if it was the same in other provinces. I can see where this is going. Looks like a career job.

Facebook entry for today: If you don't want to be noticed in the backwoods, squint a lot and and leave out half your words.

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