Saturday, November 27, 2010

Life Goes On And Gets Shorter

0C/32F outside. Also in my neighbours house next door. She didn't pay her taxes, house was auctioned off. Whole situation is a mess. Not getting involved.
Bought a new van a couple of weeks ago. It's a 2009 Grand Caravan SE Plus. A friend asked if it had lots of bells and whistles on it. Told him it was a van, not Santa's sleigh. Went to Canadian Tire to get an undercoating the other day. The machine was broke, so got an appointment for Tue. If I lived in Florida for the winter, I wouldn't need it.
My son checked out which one was best. The Canadian military says the stuff which Cdn.Tire uses is the best. So that's the one. Of course it all depends on the person who puts it on. You have no control over that. On my other van, my mechanic checked it out and it wasn't done on the part where the hoist was. Got it redone.
On Monday I have to go to the hospital for a pre-operation check. That is because I'm getting my prostate removed next Fri. Get to stay in the hospital one night.
On Wed. I have to take my daughter to the hospital for an x-ray of her foot.
Thursday has no obligations. Maybe I should take my wife out to lunch. A last supper, sort of. Well, hopefully not the last,last supper.
The day after I got my van, I got a letter from my insurance co. telling me that I need a new oil tank. Ten years old, that's it. Ordered a new one with fiberglass, good for twenty-five years. So that will be the last one of those I will buy. I seem to be saying that a lot in the last few years. Last roof replaced, last furnace, last driveway paving, last oil tank, but hopefully not last van.
A few days after that, got a bill for my licence plates that will expire in Jan. $199.00 for two years.
Haven't written much in this blog lately. Devoting my time to writing in my other blog called Flash Fiction.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Alternate Universe - The File Theory (Essay)

Our alternate universe perception comes from T.V. and movies. Although I have seen these shows, they have never satisfied me with an explanation. So I had to personally come up with one viable theory to this puzzle which I could live with. Enter my File Theory. My idea tells how an alternate universe could actually work.

This theory came around 2 am, my hair all askew, giving me an Albert Einstein appearance. This point alone should have enough merit to validate my theory. Wonder if Albert had the same problem? Would he be solving the world’s puzzles when he should have slept? When I awoke in the morning, I still remembered all I had imagined.

Christianity, the basis for my theory, states God has three persons, Father, Holy Spirit and Son, known as the source, the force and the word. Made in God’s likeness, we also have the source, the force and the word, namely our mind, our heart and our body. God the Father, the source, contains us in his infinite universes. Our mind contains one universe.

From our age of reason we understand God knows the future. We interpret this to mean God knows exactly what we will do, from our birth, on one stream to our death. We forget one thing, our free will. We have to make our own choices. Since we haven’t made a choice, God doesn’t know our future exactly.

So what’s God’s secret? The secret is he knows every possible alternative to the choices we make and what their outcome will be. He sees how our choices affect everything and everybody for all time. Any change, no matter how small will affect all outcomes. But God sees no only our actions, but the actions from every living and non-living thing and sees the subsequent outcomes.

God is a giant filing cabinet. Open up the cabinet and you find a separate file for everyone and everything. Pick out a file and change one item, then every file in the cabinet changes. Every living and non-living thing involved with this item changes. Take a step to the left and everything in all the alternate universes or streams, involved with you, will change. Streams are added or dropped off.

How do you describe a voice echo? You have a sound reflection. How about time echoes? Here, you see something from the past, like a person. Places exist where you always hear your echo. In the same way places exist where you always see your echo, or someone’s echo. Sounds like a ghost, doesn’t it?

What about dreaming? Could this also be an echo? That comes to us from an alternate universe? In your sleep you follow one of these streams. This universe itself no longer exists but the echo remains. The echo you see as a dream. When you dream, you don’t stand on the sidelines and watch. You are the person in the stream. At times this can be very frightening because your streams don’t just show the good results, it also includes the terrible results; this alternate universe or stream is your nightmare.

What about people who can tell the future? Perhaps they grab on to the very first echo, the most likely scenario, the most imagined sequence of possible events. In the dream, they don’t have choices to make. They only follow one stream and once awake they remember where the stream had taken them.

The last thing to cover is death. It goes without saying, when you die in real life, all your streams cease. If the stream predicts your death, the stream will end there. Perhaps dying in your sleep is the result of dying in a dream. The dream may have brought on a heart attack.

An alternate universe isa place you may visit every time you fall asleep but not like a vacation. You don’t decide on the route you will take or the destination. Sometimes you won’t even remember where you have been

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Packing The Wood

Just looking at the airport radar and the big rain is on the way. It's supposed to last for four days. Hearing that yesterday, I decided to mow the back yard. Going at it and when I looked behind me, there was my son with the other mower. So with the two of us, it only took twenty minutes. Hardly any leaves visible now.

My daughter had a doctor's appointment this morning to check out that heel. I was already to go when my wife said she was going to walk over. So, to and fro it was. My daughter will need ex-rays later on this month.

After lunch I went at the front lawn. I use a bag with that mower so it took a lot longer. That bag filled fast with those leaves. Dump out the bag, back and forth. My next job was to clean out the gutters. Got my son to help. There wasn't too much to clean out. If I was doing it, each drain would have been full of leaves.

After that I had my son help me set up a rack on the patio for firewood. Told him I would put the wood there next week. After awhile, I changed my mind and did it anyway. My reward for that is a sore back.