Monday, December 31, 2007

And Snow Again

Since my last post, it has been either rain or snow. From the photo I am adding, you can see that the snowbank on the side is a little larger. It would have been a lot larger, except for the rain. One day snow, the next day rain. The photo is from Sat. when it snowed. On Sun. it rained. And today it is snowing big time.

I had a Planter's Wart on my foot. So I figured that the next time I go to the doctor, I will get him to cut it out. Then someone told me to put duct tape on it. I guess this is something everyone knows except me. Had that on for about a month and good-bye wart. Amazing eh? Another use for duct tape.

With Christmas dinner and giving extra turkey to my single brother and one of the neighbours, I only had one turkey sandwich. Eating the turkey is usually a three day effort.

Have not been walking lately. This is not good. And with that snow, there won't be any today.

I have to go to the Post Office , so I should do it now before it gets too hard to drive.

Happy New Year!!

From Nova Scotia

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Well we had a snow storm yesterday. About 6". I didn't bother shoveling the driveway because it was supposed to turn to rain after midnight, rain all night and most of the day. It is 08:00 and as I look out the window, all I see is snow falling. The snowplow went thru during the night leaving me a mound at the end of the driveway. Since it was wet snow, it is now probably frozen.

My neighbour across the street has a property that is about 4' below the property behind her. So when it rains, she gets all the water. That gives her a water problem in the basement. A couple of weeks ago, she had a trench dug between her house and the next door neighbour. This is so all the water can flow out to the sewer. So this week she brought in topsoil and sods to cover the trench. A truck came and dumped a ton of topsoil on her lawn and two pallets of sods. She only required a small amt. of topsoil for the trench. So there was a lot of soil left that she had to get off the lawn. Another neighbour and myself could take as much as we wanted. She wanted that dirt gone. My wife, my son and I must have hauled about 100 wheelbarrows full. When I was finished, my hands were so sore, I couldn't make a fist. I put it all at the back of my yard, because it gets wet there in the spring. The next day my neighbour gave me all the sods that were left, which was about a pallet and a half. Covered the topsoil. Have to wait till spring to straighten it all out.

Got all the leaves raked up. Took five more bags.

Had to fix two light sockets in two ceiling fans yesterday. Both are about the same age. Programed to fail. My wife said that we are lucky I can do that. An electrician would have cost probably $100.00. A fringe benefit from my Air Force training.

Still snowing out. Big time now. A good day to work on my ebay store. I have Canadian Tire money to put in. People do collect it. You wouldn't have to buy a lot to keep it up. Not like stamps.

I decided to take a picture of my snow. Now you can see it. I should have waited for the picture. Now we have a real blizzard out there.