Sunday, January 27, 2008


Friday was my 65 th. birthday. It was the best birthday I ever had. My wife and son took me to a restaurant and a surprise party. Really had a great time. Stayed there for a couple of hours. Then everyone came back to our house to continue on. On Sat. I was so tired, I couldn't do anything. Had lots of e-mails from relatives. I'm the oldest of this clan. Hard to believe that at 65 I'm the oldest. Hoping to be the oldest for a long time.
So now I am officially an old person. Next month I start getting my old age pension. That will be $500.00 a month.
Last Mon. took my daughter to the hospital for that checkup. And it would have to be the coldest day this winter. Windchill was -24C -11F. The front of the hospital is just like a wind tunnel.
On Tues. my wife went with a friend looking for a new dryer. Found one at the Sears clearance center in Halifax. Cost $259.00 instead of $359.00. Had a bump in one corner. Went on Thur. to pick it up. Great to have a van when you have to haul something. Dryer works great.
Sunday to-day and very cold. Work on my e-bay store today. Have to wrap some ads to send out. One is going to Italy. An ad for a 1960 Olds. Most of my customers are in the U.S.
I'm surprised at the weather in California. Worse than here.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Snow Again

That's how it is, snow or rain. Last week was a nice week. We got rid of most of the snow. Today it is snowing like a bugger. Now I can start making a new snowpile on rhe side of the driveway. The other disappeared. And that's a good thing. Usually they get higher and higher and stay till March. So later I will be with my shovel. Then I won't have to do my walk, which would be on the threadmill. I don't like using the treadmill. Rather walking outside. But at this time of year I could break an arm or somethng. And its too cold.
My wife has a new project. She needs a new dryer. She had stuff in for 40 min. and it still wasn't completely dry. Took it apart. Bad elements. I'm not going to fix it. Want one that is more energy effecient. Do you know what the elements look like in one of those things ? A giant toaster. Imagine having about ten toasters on any lenght of time.
Speaking of toasters, mine is about 40 yrs. old now. It was bought at the PX in Germany as a wedding gift. Fourty years next month. I replace the cord on the toaster a couple of times and that's it. GE and made in the U.S.A. Not Mexico or anywhere else. So I have to thank GE and the american worker for that.
And speaking of americans, on and on with their election. I like our way better. Not critizing their way. Every country has their own. And that suits them. When they they make a mistake, I can sit back and say that I would have never voted for him or her. In Canada, two months of campaigning and then we vote. Something like that.
I'm glad I went to church last night. Don't have to drive in this today. Tomorrow I have to take my daughter to the doctor. That's a half hr. drive to Halifax. Supposed to be very cold tomorrow. Bad time for wheelchairs. Oh well, that's the way it goes. For her it will be a big adventure since she rarely gets out in the winter.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Rain Again

Well it did rain again. But not enough to get rid of the snow. The snowplow must like my side of the road. He did it three times yesterday. I figured he must be finished by then so I shovelled the driveway. But he snuck back later on and I didn't hear him. The pile that my neighbour makes gets put in my driveway. So now I have a small wall of frozen ice chunks. Bad for the tires. One year I drove over that and one tire was sliced along the side. So, new tire. I have to get rid of that ice today because we are supposed to get another storm to-night.

My son is gone to a levee to-day. It is for the 25 th anniversary of the internet. He was one of the first four people to be on the internet in Nova Scotia. He was 12 years old. Sure knows his way around a computer. And of course it is his job now. I had my first computer course in 1964. And they were a lot larger then. That computer would now be in one chip. A small chip.

I bought my son's first computer when he was 9 yrs. old. It was a Sinclair and it looks like today's laptop. I paid $100.00 and I bought it in Nashua, NH. He still has it with all the upgrades. I found an old ad of that computer, so I framed it and put it on his office wall.

I will ad a picture of my enlarged snowpile and then go and chop ice.