Monday, June 2, 2008

The Day Before

This is Monday, June 2.
Today is garbage day. There is usually a parade of trucks driving by the evening before. Looking for anything useful. You can be sure that all the metal will be picked up. Whatever is left is really garbage. I look at this as a good thing. Everything gets recycled, one way or another. I've picked up things from my neighbours that I can use. I don't think any of them would. The last thing I picked up was a footstool. The top is a padded lid. It's for magazines etc. The only thing wrong with it was that one of the hinges had become unscrewed. Three screws later, it sits in my living room.

I have a next door neghbour, who is divorced with two daughters. She has two cars in the driveway. One doesn't work and has been sitting there for years. It has become her storage shed. The other car has been sitting there for a month because it has a flat tire. My wife says that I should be a good neighbour and change the tire for her. I said no, I would be a fool if I changed it. She has two daughters, with two boyfriends, who walk past that car every day. They stay over a lot of nights. I think they should change the tire.

On Sat. she hops in her car, drives out of the driveway and parks it in front of the house. Still with a flat tire. I go to church that evening and when I come home, I see that the shedcar is gone. My wife tells me that someone came and towed the car away, And what else? They changed the tire on the other car.

The one thing I can't understand is with all those cars is that they didn't park in front of their house. They parked in front of mine. Hopefully, with one car gone, someone will park in the driveway. But, this is not a sure thing.

I have to get up at 4 AM tomorrow. Becauseeee! I am going to California tomorrow with my son. I say going with, but actually he is taking me. So I am looking forward to that.