Monday, October 1, 2007

New TV

The weather here is chilly. Only 4 C/44F. Still have to cut the grass one ore time. Sometime this week.
My son bought us a new TV the other day. A 37" Flat Panel. Very nice. A lot different than our other one. He bought speakers last year, so watching a movie is quite an experience.
My daughter was sick for a month during Aug. and Sept. She now has Colitis. She will be 35 next month and all in a wheelchair.
Had my second opinion on my furnace. It was the same as the first, need a new one. So that is now done. They charged me $600.00 less than Sears. So I paid $3400.00. At my age, it will probably be the last furnace I will buy. The other one lasted 23 yrs. It sound a little louder than the other. But he says you have to give something up for efficiency.
In my other furnace, I had a water heater coil installed about 20 yrs. ago. And this is a coil that holds water and is installed right in the furnace. That does away with the hot water tank. Sure saves on the electric bill. This time around, the heater coil comes already installed. You can choose to use it or not. I think that if you don't know about it , you're not going to be told. Eliminates plumbers work. No new water tank every ten yrs. The coil lasts as long as the furnace.
Since I got new windows last year, I wanted new doors this year. Along with an updated kitchen. Bur that will have to wait till next year. Another thing I still have to do is get my carpet stretched in my living room. Installed five yrs. ago, it has developed a few wrinkles.
And that's how it is in this house.