Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Big Rain

Since I haven't written for so long, it looks like I went to Alcatraz and never came back. We had a great time and my son drove 2000 miles in those 10 days. Had to see and do as much as possible. Must compliment the California drivers on their courtesy. On any of those super highways, when we wanted to change lanes, there was never a problem. And we didn't even have foreign plates.

We did go to Alcatrez. Not a place you would want to spend a large part of your life. I was disappointed though about the parks dept. letting it fall apart. They don't do any repairs. I don't think they understand that when tourists go there, they want to see how it was, not how it is now. Over time ,"how it was" will be all gone and there will be nothing left but a pile of rock. And it is not like they can't afford it. The ferry carries about 500 people and comes every half hr. Fee is $24.95. In Nova Scotia, we have a number of historical spots which have been kept up. Have to think living history.

I loved the way they did the tour. Your tour guide is a tape player around your neck so you could go at your own pace. Just stop the tape if you wanted to stay longer at any spot. That's a great idea.

On another note, we had big rain yesterday. We received a month's supply of rain in one day. So I can't cut the grass today, too wet. Tomorrow is supposed to be another rainy day.