Friday, September 28, 2012

Money Spent

Cooler at night, cooler at day.

Made arrangements to talk to a guy about installing a heat pump. One of the nurses that comes to the house has one which is where I found out about it. I saw a compressor outside a neighbors house, so I went to have a look at it.

The guy came while I was tarring the driveway. My son continued with that while I went with him to discuss. We got the size all figured out, where to put the stuff, etc and then he told me I needed a 220v plug outside. So it was call him when I have the plug.

The nurse knew a electrician so I called the company. I was told the office staff was away on vacation so they were letting the electricians pick their own jobs. The guy didn't come for two days. When he did show up, I told him the what and where of everything and the easiest way to do it. Told me he couldn't do it that way, which made me wonder if I knew more tham him. Remember, I used to be an electronic tech. in the air force. and quite used to laying cables. On one of my jobs I was in charge of installing cables in a new hanger.

So I never heard from him for two more days. When he finally called, he said it would cost $750. plus tax which would be about $850. Not in my life. Pick their own jobs?

In the neantime, the other guy had been calling back to see if I had the plug. Told him the problem and he gave me the number of someone he just met on another job. Gave him a call.

He came right away. He would do it the next day for $200. total. He could do it the next day at nine o'clock. The next day he was here at eight forty-five. Did the job plus some extra and supplied the parts.

Now, I had been thinking about upgrading my electrical box. Circuit breakers instead of fuses. Thought I should do it while I had a hold of this guy. Talked it over, he gave me a good price and can do it in the first two weeks of Oct.

And that is enough renovations for this year. New kitchen, new bathroom, new electrical and heat pump plus some other smaller items. Last week my son asks, "Do you want to install the laminate floors in the dining and living rooms? I have five days off at Thanksgiving." My answer was we should wait till spring.

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