Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Here Comes the Judge

It has been very hot for the last week. What makes it worse is the humidity. The temp. was around 35 C/95 F and the humidity made it 40 C/105 F. Perspiring all the time.
Bought a new camera the other day. After 8 years, the button on mine wore out. Too expensive to fix. To look at it would cost $50.00 and then you would have to pay for parts and repair. The new one only cost $100.00. A Kodak C653. Haven't read the book thru yet. And it takes little movies too. That's new to me. Had to try that right away. Did a pan of my back yard. And the first thing I learned was not to pan so fast.
Got a letter from the law courts yesterday. Called up for jury duty selection for the Supreme Court. That will be in Sept. It could have been for my son, since we both have the same first name. There was no middle initial. Told him I would do it. I'm retired and he is a computer consultant working for a U.S company. He travels back and forth all the time.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tall Ships

Just about everyone knows what an Airshow is . And a lot of people have seen one. We have one here every Sept. and they fly over my house. But we also have something here that most people don't see. And that is the parade of tall ships. These are like the ships from the old days. The replica of the H.M.S. Bounty is here. Pictin Castle is here. This is the ship they use on the reality series "Pirate Master". I think there is about 25 altogether. The fee is $25.00 for a day pass to tour any or all the ships. There has been no rain for the last two days so they have a good turnout.

Speaking of rain, which it is doing right now, I heard on the news about five days ago that for the past 56 days, it hadn't rained 9 days in this area. So some days I couldn't go on my daily walk. Other times I did and got caught in the rain.

Tomorrow will be five weeks that I started doing Tai Chi. Well, at least attempting it. It's on tape and the whole routine takes just over an hour. You have to start with stretching etc, etc. So at this point in time , I am up to 42 Min. Figure it will take me a year to learn this.

Last evening , one of my neighbours came with a half wheelbarrow of cement. He had been putting in clothes line poles and this was left over. It was enough to finish off around my back door where I had that leak. That is where they wanted $1600.00 to make a new drain thru my basement. I cured the problem with cement filler, which I think was $5.69. And now it is covered with cement.

Still working on whether I need a new furnace or not. Can't believe what everyone tells you. Especially if you're a senior. They think you are an easy mark. My son is better at this . If you try and sell him something, you better not lie. If he doesn't already know the truth, he will find it out. When he goes to buy something, he first checks on the computer what everyone says about it.

Just had dinner. Scrambled eggs and shrimp. One of my neighbours received 20 lbs. of shrimp from someone and gave me 10 lbs. So into my freezer it went.

My last item is that I have a pear tree with no pears. Because I have only one tree and there must be none in the area. No pollination.