Monday, July 30, 2018

Last Night’s Dream.

In this alternate universe, I am a Taser Technician. My job was to go and retrieve the Taser wires that were expended. Drag them back and restore them to the Taser.
In our present world, Taser wires extend to about 15”. In my other world, the wires fly out to about 150”. I saw myself crawling over bushes, through windows and around buildings. Not surprising, because these are DNA seeking Taser wires. Fire the weapon and it seeks the person. Taking the path of least resistance, it went through thorn bushes, not around them.
I have nothing to do with the firing of the Taser. I think I am in the Police and I am definitely on the bottom of that totem pole. I just have to collect all these strung out wires and stuff them back into a box for next time. Frustrating job done and then I wake up.

Friday, July 27, 2018

It’s the thought that counts.

 Rubbish. If the idea is no good, it amounts to nothing. If the idea is good but not acted on, it amounts to nothing. It is the most inexpensive of gifts and does not require wrapping. Although the receiver may say, "It's the thought that counts," I'm sure they feel dejected.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

I wake up in the morning with great intentions, then reality sets in...

In this case, I was going to cut the grass this morning but then saw that it rained last night. You know what? I can't be sure I would really have cut the grass. 

Lady, don’t be such an idiot...

So, I saw this morning that a woman in Ont. Is suing a barber for not cutting her hair. She’s black, he’s white. He’s probably over 60. She is going to report him to the Human Rights Comm. Getting her 15 min. of fame.
This man is not comfortable cutting women's hair. He doesn't cut his wife's. What if she was not pleased with the haircut, would she sue him for that? Will he be forced to do it?
So, I guess we are not allowed to make our own choices. Someone else has the right to tell us how we should run our lives. This works in the big picture. The laws etc. But not when we have to form our life by some individual’s likes or dislikes. Like my next door neighbor telling me not to cut the grass at 9 am. He has the right to decide for me?
If that happened to me, I would take that as a hint not to get my haircut there. It just so happened that I went for a haircut this morning and told my barber about this. He said if he was forced to cut someone’s hair, they would definitely remember the haircut and not return.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Saw a good ad on T.V. yesterday concerning tattoos.

Rather than finding a cure for some disease or something important, they invented a makeup to cover tattoos. It made me chuckle to think of that drunken moment coming home to roost. At least it is cheaper than the permanent removable process. All you have to do is rub it on over the offending graffiti, and poof out of sight, out of mind. Now, you can sport yourself at a biker fest and then you can go to a fancy restaurant in the evening and not get the evil stares. Just be careful and not spill any wine on yourself.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The tragedy in Toronto. Now we all know about it.

We’ve seen it on T.V. For me, there are some things that stick out. First, was the length of time it took to find out who he was? Halfway through the day, we were told his age but not his name. If you know his age, it’s obvious you know his name. If they don’t say his name, it’s a good chance that he is a Muslim. As it turned out, he was.

During the same afternoon, there was an incident in Ottawa. Someone was walking around with a knife. The media had his name on the air before they clapped the handcuffs on him. I guess we can say he had a Christian name, which he did.

Now the government has a problem. They have to put a spin on this. They don’t want a backlash against the Muslim community, which in reality means, they don’t want to insult the Muslims. But, someone has to be blamed. Then someone comes up with a solution. We will blame the average Canadian. It’s their fault because they didn’t enact the correct laws so this guy couldn’t get a gun.

The media jumps right on this. Since they have come up with this farce, the murderer’s name has been mentioned the bare minimum of times. Forget about the murderer, make this a social gathering. Paint the sidewalks and walls with graffiti. It only took a few hours before new tee-shirts were printed off. So that is the story now. Two people killed, 13 wounded because Canada has lax gun laws.

As to the murderer, the nicest guy you ever want to meet say his neighbors. The nice guy, who just shot 15 people.

Had a cinnamon bun for breakfast and I noticed that it had no calorie count on the package. So, I'm guessing it was calorie free.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Heavy rain yesterday. I was waiting for that, to check on something. When there is heavy rain,

the back of my yard is like a swimming pool. It takes a while for the water to drain off. A couple of weeks ago, it so happened that the house next door was getting new roof shingles and drains. The house is two story, so the drain pipes are quite long, coming in 12' sections. One of them was just what I needed for a drain in my back yard. So, I dug a trench, 1' deep. Had to use an ax and chainsaw to get through the roots. Laid the pipe, put some mesh on the front and filled the hole at the front with gravel. Filled it all in and waited for the rain. When it did rain, I noticed that the only visible water was just above the gravel, which disappeared when the rain slowed down. Now I have to get a flat rock, write drain on it, and lay it at the top of the pipe. If there is ever a problem, like the drain getting plugged, people will know there is a drain there.

Why is it important to learn English when you live in an English-speaking country?