Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hunger Games

Warm today. 25C/77F. I won't be jumping the gun and put away the snow shovel. It's only March. Sat it's supposed to be 6C/43F.

The newspaper is filled with "Hunger Games." No difference than the time of the Roman Empire. Entertainment to keep the nincompoops occupied. I think there are three books, catering to teenage girls. As Col. Klink would say,"You vill vatch this movie and you vill enjoy it."

You know when you get those pictures called "Wal-Mart people?" This morning I was in Wal-Mart. My wife was looking for something while I sat and had a coffee. As I sat there watching everyone, I became a firm believer that there are Wal-Mart people.

I just read the other day that in Sweden they are doing away with paper money. As a point of interest, they were the first to have paper money. So, to get on the bus, you'll need a ticket, or use your cell phone to make a payment. And in church? in church you'll have to swipe your card. Seems to me that might take some time. Then again, how many feed the collection?

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

What's a Fag?

The temp yesterday was 12C/52F. Almost spring eh? Today back to normal. -2C/28F.

The new book I am writing is about bootleggers, moonshine and murder. I've picked my hometown in Cape Breton as the scene. Not because it's full of bootleggers and moonshiners, it'd just because I know the area. I've put it in the 1950's and also use some of the slang of the time. Don't know if they still use it.

One of the slang words is fag. What is a fag? It's a cigarette. Someone would ask, "Hey, you got a fag," or "Hey, can you lend me a fag?" That was a popular one. Which leads me to say, when someone borrows something, they usually return it. How would you return a cigarette you've smoked?

In my last post I wrote about an alternate bus company. Bottom line - it was a farce. It sure did heat up the news and blogs for that day. Big excitement, like the Romans throwing another group of christans to the lions. It was even exciting the next day with all the "I told you so." Everyone seemed to know it was bull except the reporters.

Read an interesting item this morning. Iceland is considering dropping their Krona and using the Canadian Dollar. We are taking over the world and this is the first move. Americans send in armies, we'll just be nice. Which reminds me, we had this opportunity before, when the Turks & Caicos Islands asked us to take them over. We declined. We were just too nice to take over someone.

It would have been a good idea, our own place in the sun. Canadian money, Canadian laws and we would be ripped of by Canadians, not some foreigner.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Today it is -7C/19F. But tomorow it is supposed to be 12C/53F. Spring is getting here. All it takes is time.

The bus strike is still on, but you would never know it by the news. The strikers are certainly having a hard time keeping this one in front. They did get some help yesterday. A new bus service is planning to jump in and fill some of the gap. So they get their first bus yesterday and what happens? Vandals stroke to the tune of $10,000. Of course we know who is suspect there. As far as this being legitimate service or not is yet to know.

They have their own website at
What I found most interesting about it was the comments. The first noticeable point I saw. Education was not a priority on the bus drivers resume. Of course I'm assuming these comments are from them. Perhaps I was swayed by the frequent use of the word "scab." I think the unions have this one word trademarked. Legitimate or not, it's a place for people to air their comments. If you read the comments you'll get the drift.

As in the comment I made, the bus service is actually a shuttle service, not unlike the one from the Holiday Inn to the airport. For some people this shuttle will work, even after the strike is history, going from point A to point B. Cheaper than a taxi and no stopping every five minutes.

The strikers continued antics keep putting them on the wrong side of the public. Open fires, setting up tents, stopping Access-a-Bus, stopping snowplows have helped to downgrade their support. Warm weather on the horizon is certainly not going to help. Information about the strike will float from the back pages to the Obituary Column.

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