Monday, May 28, 2007

Lake Louise

And to-day we have rain. Guess I got that grass cut just in time.

When you go to Banff, you have to see Lake Louise. Well I did and it certainly doesn't look the same when it is frozen over. Frozen lakes I can see at home. Took my picture in front of it. The Indians called it Lake of the Little Fishes. The first white man called it Emerald Lake and the Government changed that to Lake Louise after one of Queen Victoria's daughters who also had the name Alberta, which became the name of the province.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Not as warm to-day. Only 21C/70F. And very windy.

While in Alberta, I went to the four national parks. They are joined together, two in Alberta and two in British Columbia. While in Jasper, I took the Tramway, which is the highest and longest in Canada. Here's a link . And a photo.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Back Home

Warm to-day. Temp is 30 C/86 F. What a surprise. It has been only 10 C for the past week with rain off and on.

A couple of years ago, they dug up the street for new pipes. This took months. Anyway, half of everyone's lawn went with it. So when they were finished, they put down new sod for everyone. two years later, that part of the lawns have very little grass. But they do have lots of dandelions.

My wife spent 5 hrs. one day pulling them out. My next door neighbour called the city about it and they said they would send someone out to look at it. Maybe new sods, but more than likely maybe advice. It's much cheaper.

Just got back from a trip to Alberta. My son took me on vacation with him. Horse back riding one day white water rafting another day. Now that was an experience. I'll add a photo. Me in front with the hat. My son next to me and two guides in the rear.

We had a cabin near the Athabasca river so we could see rafts going down. There was about twelve people on the raft with a guide in the center doing the paddling. So I thought this was a piece of cake. Surprise! My son had arranged the sports model and I had to paddle for my life. But it was great. On other days, we walked up and down canyons. One thing about walking to the bottom of a canyon, you have to walk back up.

This should be enough for to-day. Have grass to cut sometime. Wait for this evening when it is cooler.