Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Oil Change

Got my tires changed on the van this morning. Faster and cheaper when you own the rims. Also, had an oil change. Oil changes for this van cost more because of the different type of filter. Strange looking filter. 6' high and about 2' across. Looks like an air filter. I'll put up a photo. On the way home it started to snow. Turned to water on the ground.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Daily Newspaper

      Well, there are three days left on my newspaper subscription. I didn't bother renewing it. $350.00 for a year. I hardly read it - just the obituary and the comics, and lately, I have been doing that on my pad. I can go on a comics site and get stacks of them. I read Blondie, Luann and Alley Oop.
      Of course, there other uses for a newspaper, spread on the floor for this or that. Fortunately, there another newspaper in the area that is free. Just pick it up at the supermarket.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Snow Tires

      There is no snow on my lawn, which means it's time to change my tires. I have to bring them up from the shed. With rims on, they're quite heavy. It's almost May, and normally I'm cutting grass by now. At least it has stopped raining.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Good Old Days

 You often hear people reminisce about the good old days. Well, I remember something special - the toilet paper was a lot rougher. And it didn't matter whether it was Eaton's or Simpson's, it just didn't crumple up all that well. If you were out in the woods, you could always use grass. The flies would be on it before it hit the ground.
      After the printing press came out, do you know what the most popular books were? You are going to say the Bible. Well no, it was books of poetry. The pages made fine toilet paper. They say you could see crumpled poetry pages tossed in the wind across the fields of England.
      Did you ever wash you hands after going to an outdoor toilet? No bathroom sinks there. When you were a kid, and they called you shitty-pants, there probably was a reason. And when they said you were as green as grass, they probably meant your ass. Yep, you're as green as your ass.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


      I'm trying to force good weather by wearing short sleeve shirts. After the last few days, I'm worried that it might be the recipe for a monsoon. It started raining yesterday morning and it is still at it. I had an appointment for tomorrow morning to put on the summer tires, but I cancelled it until next week. The problem is, my back yard is like a swamp and there is still snow in some spots. And that's a problem because my tires are stored at the back of my shed. I built an extension on the shed to house my snow blower, the tires, and all the snow shovels. So I have to drag the tires through the swamp. I'm going to use a wheel barrow. Those tires are heavy. I rolled them down hill getting to the shed, but I certainly can't roll them uphill, and, of course, it's still raining.

Monday, April 20, 2015


Did you ever see those cartoons of a small desert island, where there is just one palm tree? Usually it has a guy with a long beard, standing and watching. When I was on a cruise a few months back, I saw a few of those islands. There it was, all alone in the Caribbean Sea, with one palm tree. As far as I could see, the population was zero. The palm trees were quite high, so they must have been there for awhile. I wonder if those islands get larger or just sink out of sight. Could you land on one of them, plant your homemade flag, and say, this is mine? Set up a little bar. Get on the list as a cruise ship stopover. You would probably need a good radio to warn you when a hurricane was approaching.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Old Age

      One day I saw this woman I hadn't seen for many years. My God, you haven't changed. If I saw you walking down the street, I would recognize you. I blinked and said, "What? You mean to tell me that I looked 72 yrs. old when I was in high school.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Line In the Sand

When you draw a line in the sand, do you have to use a sword? That sentence makes me think of the Alamo, Walt Disney and Davy Crockett. I just finished a bottle of Davy Crockett wine. Visited Fess Parker's winery a while back. Wine tasting at 10 in the morning. That set the tone for the day.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

If you go to a restaurant and don't have a steak - it's like wasting your time. So says my wife.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring Maybe.

So, here it is, Sat. and no snow. That's like a miracle. We have had a storm on Sat. for the longest time. We had snow last Tue. when I had to use the snow blower. After each storm, I would say, "Well, that's it for the snow blower for this year." That hasn't worked out too well, so last Tue. it was mouth shut." We are into rain and fog now. Last night the snow banks dropped by 6 ins.
      I put my latest book on Amazon. "St. Peters Bones." The bones actually tie into the story. I'll explain it all tomorrow. The what and the why and the how.