Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bifocals Can Be A Hazard

How's the weather? Don't ask!

I just remembered about the yardsale I went to on Sat. Total waste of time and money. I should know better than to go indoor yard sales. They are usually just mini-merchants. The ones that sell jewelry, leather products, that kind of stuff. There was some pockets books there, but they were all for women. I think there are more women authors than men, and they seem to run off those romance books pretty fast.

I usually read two books at once. One is a pocketbook and the other an ebook. Just finished reading, "Rogue Warrior," the building of Seal Team 6. Definately rubbed his superiors the wrong way. For all his work, he got a year in jail, basically for not having the right receipts. Now it seems to be top heavy just like the other elite forces. The ebook was, "Gunboat #14," about the Swedish-Russian War, 1807. Those gunboats were were nothing more than large rowboats.

When you read with bifocals, you have to be careful, not to read incorrectly, especially if you only read the headlines. For example, this morning there was a headline which read,"Canada Primps for Royal Visit." When I first read it, it said,"Canada Pimps fpr Royal Visit." Anyway, I moved my head and saw the error of my ways. The upside is that sometimes it makes for interesting reading.

I was keeping a lookout for a dresser that someone might throw out. I wanted it for my shed, to put my toolboxes on. I have two green toolboxes, with three drawers. When they issued you tools in the Air Force, you were allowed to keep them. So I needed something four feet long to put them on. Yesterday, I was driving around a sub divison and saw this desk someone had put out on the side of the road. So I came back around to check it out. It was a four foot long, metal, grey computer desk, with shelves on one side. Perfect. Tossed it into the back of the van. Came home, told my wife and she said," And who put it in the van for you? Right, operation, no lifting for another month. Promised  not to do it again.

I'll add a photo of my shed.

Jack Sakalauskas!/PensionersRant

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Brown Sugar Sandwich

It is a beautiful day, finally.

A friend of my wife asked me yesterday, if I remembered brown sugar sandwiches. OMG - Yes, I remember brown sugar sandwiches. Two slices of white bread, cover one side with brown sugar, sprinkle with water so it doesn't fall out, slap the other slice of bread on it, and voila. She told me she sprinkled it with milk, because they had a cow. Yes! The good old days. Makes you wonder why we're still alive.

It's hard to believe. The LA Dodgers bankrupt. They are in the center of a divorce, so good luck to them. They could actually pack their bags and hit the road.

So they finally found Blogojevich guilty. I've seen him on reality shows, and got the impression you don't need to be intelligent to be a Gov. Of course this is true for all politicans. The gift of the gab is what matters. Then again, it could have been his hair. He is now eligible for a 300 hundred years government vacation. Do they really give people 300 years. Probably out in five years. I do notice that people who murder someone are treated less harsh than those that cheat  someone.

I have been watching items on TV about Hitler, and do you know that by the end of the war he had jets, stealt bombers, rockets and was months away from an atom bomb. We were almost toast. Well, I was young, I would have been crumbs.

Jack Sakalauskas!/PensionersRant

Monday, June 27, 2011

That Is The Question

There was this big yellow thing in the sky yesterday. Was that the sun? Waiting to see if it returns.

While turning the pages of the paper this morning, one article made me blink a few times. It said "Queer Prom." If I had used the queer word, all kinds of stuff would have fallen on me. It's just a case of, "Do as I say, not as I do."

So the Post Office strike is over. It may be in the rest of Canada, but not in Halifax. The mailmen won't let the inside workers in to sort the mail. That can only last so long and then I will receive my two books I won from Goodreads in the last two weeks.

I notice from a poll doctor workloads are increasing. Not enough Doctors? As I have said before, there are about seventy-five positions to train new Doctors at the University. (White men not allowed.) This year they sold ten of these positions to Saudi Arabia. Ten less for us. Good planning, eh?

There was a huge yellow ball in the sky a few minutes ago, but it has since disappeared.

Jack Sakalauskas!/PensionersRant

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Who Invented The Wonderbra?

Fog! Enough said.

I see in Nova Scotia, you can get a french licence plate now. Another one of those money grabs. Like my veteran's plate. You have to pay extra for it. They have another plate for bird lovers. I think that"s what it is. There is a picture of a bird on the plate. And of course, there are the plates you can put any name on. Some people shorten what they put on. It means something to them but no one else. Those are expensive.

There is a lot of talk lately about upgrading infrastructure. The big culprit here is the power co. I remember when I was in the air force, it was always fix electronic equipment before it broke. Doing preventive maintenance. This doesn't happen with the power co. since they went public. There is no replacing old transformers. They just wait till they fail. And that usually happens during a storm. I call it the american system. Don't spend any money unless you have to. The important thing is the bottom line. More profit means higher CEO's salary and perks, and higher dividends.

Did you know the alkaline battery was a Canadian invention?
The alkaline dry battery was invented by Canadian engineer Lewis Urry in the 1950s while working for the Eveready Battery company. So do we get credit because he was a Canadian, or do the Americans because it was in the U.S? The same thing goes for basketball. We're taking credit for both, as well as paint rollers, snowmobiles, insulin, Blackberry and Wonderbra

Jack Sakalauskas!/PensionersRant

Saturday, June 25, 2011

♫ Donald, Where's Your Trousers?♫

Rain! Enough said.

There is an article in the paper today about changing Cornwallis School's name. It's the school board who voted to change the name. It all started when one board member (who happens to be an Indian) suggested they change the name. He got the idea from a Band Chief, who has a personal vendetta against Cornwallis. Then all the Board members jumped on the wagon.

Personally, I don't think school boards should have any say in changing school names. Too easy to lead to abuse. School boards are usually run by one strong willed member, who bullies the rest. In this case it was probably, "We can't argue with a minority. People would think we are predudice. We have to accept his idea, even if it is stupid."

Read this article the other day about men's skirts. A designer, Rick Owens, is in to it. Wouldn't he be better off calling them kilts? At least he would have a built in market. Skirts for men don't seem to fly that well. I'm part Scot, but you won't see me wearing any skirt or kilt. I wouldn't force the sight of ny legs on anyone. If I wore a skirt, everyone would definately look at my legs. Hoot Mon!

There is a giant yard sale in the arena today. Have to check it out. Maybe buy some books.!/PensionersRant

Friday, June 24, 2011

Trying To Rewrite History

I know it is daylight, because I can see everything. That is, except the sun. In other words, it's cloudy.

Worked on my barbacue a couple of days ago. I should say, my son did. I'm not into pushing and pulling yet. Yesterday was my first day back at the wheel after the operation. My barbacue is the first normal size one I bought. It must be at twenty-five years old. My wife bought a new gas line last week at a yard sale, for $1.00, so I  cleaned it up, repainted it, bought a new insert, and away we go. Oh yes, then I tested it. Good for another six or seven years.

I looked at new ones, but they are all made of tin. Wouldn't last long. That's why I see so many out on garbage day.

Yesterday I wrote about changing a schools name from Cornwallis to whatever. By the way, Cornwallis was the founder of Halifax. I said yesterday, first a school name, then something else. It didn't take long. There is a park in Halifax with a statue of him. Now they want the statue taken out and done in.

You can't change history. He gets his name on things because he was the founder. So, they don't like the way he operated. That was then, and that was how things were done. There is nothing to be done about it. Having a statue, denoting he is the founder, doesn't mean we agree with his policies.

It seems they are going to put a windmill park in Amherst. The company is putting up 61 million, and the government 39 million. They put it there because it is a high unemployment area. It is sort of a form of welfare. These things sometimes end up as a bottomless pit. Every year the company comes back for more money.

Call centers are the same. They get tax breaks to keep people working. As soon as the tax breaks run out, they close up shop. If you want them to stay, more tax breaks, usually equal to the wages for the employees for a certain period of time.!/PensionersRant

Thursday, June 23, 2011

It Is What It Is, and That's How It Is

You can have the sun, and still not have warm weather. 12C/54F

They are at it again. Name changing. I wish people would get over this crap. It happened 250 years ago. Quit moaning about it. I guess its like, I win, I got the last word in. First a school , then a street, then what? I don't imagine it will be names after any white man.

If you are a white man, you are definately on the bottom of the ladder now. In Halifax, they lowered the entrance exams for fire fighters so blacks could qualify. That's what I like to hear. If my house is burning down, send the stupid people to put it out. For government, everyone else qualifies first. Then again, that's the government. They have seminars on slowness.

Let's say Canada was discovered by another race, other than white, where would we be now. Like African nations, Arab nations, or India? Our own indians hadn't even discouvered the wheel by the time the white man came. As for Asians, they copied everything from the whites.

And don't go calling me a racist. It's just is what it is. Some men lose their hair faster than others. That's just the way it is.

Along the same line, another thing that irks me is the statement, "Over qualified for the job."
I never heard of anything so stupid. "I don't want to hire you, I would rather hire a dumber person."
Or, "Instead of you, I can hire ten in India, and maybe the ten of them together will get the job done."
You would think it would be, "If I can get the best person possible, my company will do better."
In reality its, "If I can hire the cheapest person possible, I can put more money in my pocket."!/PensionersRant

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Best of Times, Worst of Times

Sun again today. This is the second day in a row. It is quite windy though.

So the Utility Board had their open forum about the size of city council, and who gets up to speak, but the Mayor. Well yes, he says. City council is too large. It should be 15 not 23. He must figure he is on the way out anyway.

Yesterday, they had a council meeting. There is a big scandle going on, about the rock bands that come to the city during the summer. It seems that everyone got paid up front. They all got paid before the tickets were sold. The promoters, bands and everyone else who has their finger in it. They didn't need to worry about selling tickets, there was no more money to be made by doing so. This broke all the rules, and the Mayor had agreed to the whole thing.

Last evening, someone put up to vote to fire the Mayor. That didn't go anywhere. 17 - 3 to keep him. Maybe that 17 were in on the entertainment deal. And hey, there are lots of bands coming this summer. Did I fail to mention, the city pays when there are not enough tickets sold? I get to pay, even though I don't go to these shows. Entertainment for the masses. After all, you are not allowed to feed the christains to the lions. Then again, maybe we are being fed slowly.

Down behind my house, there is a shopping mall, and beyond that, the Forest Hills Parkway. At one end of the mall is Canadian Tire, with their own parking lot. After the store closes, the lot fills up with trailers, race cars, camp chairs and lots of beer. Soon, they are racing up and down the Parkway. The mounties get a lot of complaints, and what is their answer, "We're not interested in that."

The evening before yesterday, one of those guys must have run out of beer. Brandishing an axe, he robbed the Subway store in the same mall. I remember hearing a car just screaming out of the parking lot. I just happened to look at my watch at that time. Found out yesterday the robbery had occured just four minutes earlier. Guess we know who was in that car.

The mounties could have prevented that robbery, or even caught them in the act, if they had answered the complaint calls. They always seem to be conveniently ten miles away, doing rounds. Yesterday, all was back to normal, cars racing on the Parkway, everyone drinking beer and the cops doing rounds ten miles away.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Oh My Deer!

I can't believe it's sunny today. They are threatning us with 20C/69F.

The big news for us on Twitter is about a deer who jumped through a window, into a restaurant, then out through another window. That was in Halifax. People hid in the bathrooms until the deer left. I think here in Dartmouth the little dears just walk through the door. I also heard of a bear wandering around. It appears he is attracted to unclean barbacues.

So we are back on this again. the size of city council is too large. We have 23 councillors, while cities of the same size in the rest of Canada have 15 - 17. It's goes up for review every eight years, and today's the day. The last time the councillors voted on it, they voted to keep it the same. Duh! The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board are voting on it today. Think they will fire any of their friends? I don't think there will be any volunteers.

From yesterday's post.- Kurt Arseneault I read of very few home invasions while in Texas...... Wonder if it has anything to do with the odds being pretty high that someone inside the house will have a handgun to protect themselves with? Legally!
Jack Sakalauskas That is true. Same for sports riots. I heard that sports riots happen in Canada and Europe, but not the U.S. The U.S. is the only country where shop owners have guns to protect their property.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Home Invasions

This morning, there was thunder, lightning and big rain. Later on this afternoon, it should be a repeat.

I was flicking through the cnannels the other day and when I came to ch.35, it said it was no longer available. It has moved to digital. This is the PBS channel, where I watch for Masterpiece Theatre. This one came from Detroit, but I also have it again, where it comes from Boston. I don't mind losing one, since they are almost the same. The thing is, I always thought of PBS as being free. But now, in order to watch it, I would have to pay for digital. Then again, it hasn't been free since the days of rabbit ears. You could only get it on cable, and you had to pay for it.

What about PBS now? They get their money from donations. If people can't see it, chances of donations are slim. You would think this is eating into their pocketbook. I supose most of their funding comes from trust funds, etc.  It's a matter of time till we all have to invest in the little black box.

I just read on Twitter there was a home invasion in Halifax last evening. Easy targets are people who live alone and the elderly. Two teens took a computer from a woman in this incident. You can lock your door, but what else can you do? If you have a gun and shoot them, they throw you in jail. Calling the police may not help too much. It may take awhile for them to arrive. I lock my door in the evening and hope no one knocks on it.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Arab Democracy?

Rain today? Of course. We seem to have six days of rain and then one day to cut the grass.

Do you know what we did yesterday? We sent a lawyer to jail. Yes, we did. Not only that, it was a woman lawyer. Nothing is sacred. What she did was smuggle drugs in to her customers in prison. Now she gets to join them. She's fifty-seven and has now lost her career.

I don't know why we are sending people to fight in Libya. It's none of our business. Suppositly to help them fight for their freedom. The same thing seems to be going on in Syria. No one is sending any help there. What's the difference? Oil! No oil in Syria.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Sunny today and of course rain for the next two days.

Part #3 Charioteer came up on Smashwords yesterday. It will eventually get to all of them. Amazon is last. About a week. To write that one, I had to study up on chariot racing. The racer had to tie the reins around his waist, much like seat belts today. You saw on "Ben Hur", the drivers getting dragged. For that, they carried a small knife in their belt, to cut the reins. Of course, when you read my story, you will find that out. And heaven forbid, that you wouldn't read it.

So I have three more parts to go for the story. The publisher has one, I have the other two finished. Have to let them sit a bit, then off they go. I'm working on something different now and am finished ch.1. This time it will be a full length adventure in Morocco. I have been to Morocco and know what is where. A princess, two teen age boys, terrorists, sand and more sand. Start ch.2 today.

Everyone thinks I write these for children. Not so. I write them for seniors. Thinking about all my friends going into their second childhood.
Read the paper today and no murders yesterday, or stabbings.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Reading and Writing

Not raining right now. Supposed to have a high today of 16C/61F. Warm eh? (Eh? I am so Canadian.)

This morning I won a book on Goodreads. My second. It's called "I Have A Story To Tell" about Eastern European Jewish immigrants living in Montreal, Toronto, and Winnipeg in the early twentieth century. The stories encompass their travels and travails on leaving home and their struggles in the sweatshops and factories of the garment industry in Canada.

My ancestors came over about the same time and worked in coal mines. Just as bad, maybe worse. My twelve year uncles worked in the mine. I am forever grateful to my Grandfather for coming here.

On my Goodreads page, I have listed 79 books I have read. If I could remember all the titles, it would be much larger. When I was young, I went to the library every week. I have most of those books listed because I still have them. The last book I read at that time was Centennial by Michener. It was in Aug. 1977. Why do I remember that? Same week Elvis died.

After that, I had to  worry about paying bills. About 1999, I was able to get on track again. Instead of reading, I did crossword puzzles for the next eleven years. One morning at breakfast, I did the crossword and Sudoku in thirty min. Then I said that's it. Next, I wrote very short stories. Then I wrote and am still writing a six part series for EchelonPress. They certainly helped me a lot. The first thing they taught me, don't write OK, write okay.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

John Grisham's "Ford County"

How dare they threaten us! With sunshine instead of rain for tomorrow. We'll just see about that!

I am reading John Grisham's "Ford County" and last night I read the chapter "Michael's Room."
For me, this chapter really hit home. It almost mirrors my own life.

It involves a lawyer, kidnapped by a father of a child, with Cerebral Palsy. Ten years earlier, the lawyer had defended a doctor in a malpractice suit. The end result gave the family absolutely nothing. The theory was that the child wouldn't live past a year anyway. But now the boy is eleven years old. So the father grabs the lawyer and brings him to his house to show him the result of the jury verdict.

The differences between that family, and mine, is not much. He's from Miss. and his son is eleven. My daughter is thirty-eight. We even have the extra room on the side of the house. It used to be my garage, but now it is her room, with a wood stove in case the power goes out. It has patio doors, which go out onto the patio, which I doubled in length to accommodate her.

My daughter also has one brother, and the description of the wife's life, pretty well describes what my wife does. Except it has been for thirty eight years instead of eleven. And the money problems? At one point, I had four extra jobs while being in the military. With government assistance, it is much better now.

He sued the doctor, I didn't do that. In fact, the doctor died a little while later, from cirrhosis of the liver. He also had family support, which I didn't get. Except for one brother out of four, and their families, I'm more or less shunned. But one can certainly pick up good friends along the way.

John Grisham really did his homework on this story.

Jack Sakalauskas!/PensionersRant

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Criminal Minds

No use telling you it's still raining.

It appears we have fallen into the abyss of crime. Since Sat. we have had two home invasions, two people shot (1 dead), two stabbings, one rape, one beating and robbery. It seems like every day someone is getting stabbed. Before my hospital visit, I did my daily walk and one of the paths was along a lake. The other day, a guy was stabbed in the back, on that same path. I will be staying on the sidewalk, but my wife is still not happy with that.

Parliment is trying to pass a law in which way the courts deal with arrest of a group of people like Hells Angels. If every member agrees, it's a done deal. So the leader of the Green Party, who happens to be the only one of her party to be elected, says no. She wants every part of it debated. This will slow down that process and everything after it. And one of the things coming is a major crime bill. It appears she is there for only one reason, to draw attention to herself.

What's this about lesbian bloggers revealed as men? Weird or what? Of course this is only on the internet. In real life they can't go and tell everyone they are lesbian. People would know something amiss when he went to the washroom.

Jack Sakalauskas!/PensionersRant

Monday, June 13, 2011

Stealing From A Thrift Store

Big rain today and temp. is the large number of 9C/46F. We are not ready for palm trees yet. This would have been perfect weather for fat, nude people on bikes.

All we hear about around here is strikes. The post office is doing rotating strikes and Air Canada is going on strike. I figure the post office is just driving themselves into a grave. With Air Canada, I can see their point. New employees won't get a pension but excutives will. The guys on top will rip you off as much as they can.

Someone just dropped in and talked about the mess in front of the Salvation Army Store. What happens is, people drop stuff off over the weekend. In the evening you can see other people there, going through the stuff, seeing what they can steal. They act like a bunch of wild animals. They just rip garbage bags apart and toss everything around. With all that rain, the place looks like a dump, which leaves the store employees to clean it up.

Yesterday, I finished working on part 5 of "A Slice of Time." I'll look at it again in a couple of days. Now on to part 6, which is also finished, but needs work.

Jack Sakalauskas!/PensionersRant

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Indecent Exposure

Today the temp. is 21C/69F and no wind. Very pleasant. I can't enjoy it quite yet. Tomorrow I can go outside, but forecast is rain.

Yesterday in Halifax, we had the parade of nude bikers. I think it is called "World Bicycle Awareness Day". Bet if you asked the bystanders what kinds of bicycles they were riding, no one would know. It's mostly women who do it. They must be thinking,"Tee hee, I can be naughty and get away with it." I wonder what would have happened if they gave everyone a ticket. For sure, we would have been on CNN. What would they do if it had rained?

This morning I had to package up an old magazine ad. It's on its way to Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles. It's a 1961 Seagram's 7 Crown ad. Once I sent an ad to the postal code 90210. Another time I sent one to Boston to be used in a movie, and my name was in the credits. So there.

Back to revising part 5 for "A Slice of Time." My arc got kind of raggid in the middle. I hooked up this blog to my Goodreads page, so it will always have something. I wrote in the names of eighty books I've read. Read a lot more than those, but don't remember the titles.

I'm not allowed to drive for two weeks, so no yard sales for me. Last week I was at a yard sale and purchased a bunch of books. I gave a boxfull to a friend of ours. Her daughter's class is having a booksale to raise money for a trip.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

This Side of the Grass

Well, I'm still on the same side of the grass. Came home from the hospital yesterday. The big thing is not to move around too much. I'll try. Not allowed to drive my van for two weeks.

It's sunny today, since I can't go out. The forecast for the next two weeks is rain. The U.S. has forest fires, Europe has droughts and we have rain all the time. I guess we have to wait till they control the weather, to take care of all these problems. Sounds good, but unfortunately they will use it as a weapon. That would really be a weaopn of mass destruction.

This is curbside giveaway weekend. That's stuff you don't want to bother selling. Just put it on the curb and anyone can take it. I wish they had it last week, when I wasn't sick. I talked my wife and son to go around for me. I want a dresser for my shed, to put my tool boxes on, and stash stuff away. Free yard sales! No trouble talking my wife into that.

I'm reading this book "Their Last Suppers: Legends of History and Their Final Meals."  Pretty fancy eating, like the captain of the Titanic and his nine course meal. It's a free book from Kindle. The pocket book I'm reading is "Ford Country," by John Grisham.

The 3rd and 4th part of "A Slice of Time", is at the publishers. The 5th and sth are finished, but I have to do some changing. I guess I now have the available time.  link for first two parts, on Amazon.

I imagine a lot of you people know about Goodreads. If not, check it out if you read a lot.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Time Machine.

Tomorrow is my operation and it reminds me, until this prostate business, I haden't been in a hospital for fifty years. (Not counting visiting, of course). So tomorrow, I put on the dressing gown and my plastic booties. Then I walk to the operating room, which I find kind of weird. Then they give me a little stool, and I climb up on the operating table. Also weird. They have an oven in there where they warm up blankets, so they cover me with a warm blanket until everything is ready. (Not weird, cozy).

So everything is going great. We are having a nice conversation, then Zap! I'm in the future, a different room and a different time. A Time Machine, that's what it is. When you wake up, you don't know how far into the future you've come. Hopefully only a few hours. So, if anyone ever asks me, "Have you ever done time travel?" I can in all honesty say "yes."

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Time For Hospital Food

The weather for this week is rain. I think all week. We had a couple of good days last week, where we were able to cut the grass. I wanted to cut it this week before I go to the hospital. There won't be much cutting afterwards.

Because of an enlarged prostate, I had to have an operation last Dec. So they cut a part of it out and that should have been the end of it. But, by Feb, it grew back. So I need another operation, which is on Thur. I was wondering if it is like the miracle of loaves and fishes, or is it because I'm so healthy. I won't be cutting off a finger to test that theory.

This pretty well wrecks my summer. For the first few days, I was only allowed to walk around the house. A few days later, I was allowed to go out on the patio. (But who would, in Dec.?) I wasn't allowed to drive for two weeks. No lifting for a few months. I'm wondering if this time around, the rules will be more stringent.

At least I know what to expect. The first time I go to the washroom, it will be really bad, but each time after will be less. All the chores, I lined up for the summer, had to be done in the last two weeks. Too bad, I like cutting grass. It will give me time to write my YA book.