Friday, November 16, 2007


I am some glad that we bagged the leaves last Friday. Because on Sat, we had a snow storm. Not a big deal, but the leaves would still be there. So we ended up with 17 bags from the back yard. And that's mulched. Still have to do the front. The leaves are still on my neighbour's tree. Today we have big rain and wind.
God helped me do my cryptoquote the other day. I was doing that and watching TV. Wasn't doing too well. Name at the bottom started with an O. I was watching "Supernatural" and the guy said something to the girl and she answered, "That's very Oscar Wilde of you." Looked at my puzzle, counted the letters and" Boom", finished in a couple of minutes.
Had to get my van repaired the other day. For the safety check. New brake lines and shocks. All rusted out. There is a couple thousand $'s gone. Rust is a problem here. That's why cars don't last long. On the way home, the shocks were worse than the old ones. Called back the next day and he said bring it in right away. Turned out one of the new shocks were bad. I have a private mechanic, so he loses when something is brought back. We had to wait for new shocks from the dealer, yada,yada,yada and now all is good.
My daughter had a birthday on Wed. 35 yrs old. Bedridden all her life. We have to make a big deal for her on birthday's etc. She can't walk, talk or do anything. Has to be fed by a tube.
Visited a friend yesterday. They had a tape stuck in the vcr. And it wouldn.t come on. So I took it home to look at. Has a blown fuse. Had to take it all apart to get at it. Now I have to pick up a fuse.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Hurricane Like Winds

Hurricane Noel dropped by last week. The pre-storm build up on TV is much more exciting than the real thing. 50 to 75 mph. is not a big deal. That happens every year. It didn't even blow all the leaves of the tree. I have two photos of the leaves before they fall. If I just rake them and put them in a bag, it will take about 40 bags. But with a leaf blower it will be less, because it cuts them up so fine. Started that job yesterday. Have to go to the hardware store to-day. Need weather stripping for the doors. During the four winter months, I will have to fill the oil tank about six times. And that was about $600.00 a shot last year.Found a new site to put my ebay items on. Called . It doesn't have auctions. Everything is Buy It Now. So it is like owning a store. The only charge is 1% when you sell something. No other costs, except Paypal of course. You can put in as many articles as you want. And just leave them there. This is great for people who have articles for sale but don't want to open an ebay store with all the expenses. It doesn't get much business because not many know about it. So maybe in time. That ebay is one expensive site.