Friday, February 6, 2015

With the help of a Doctor, you can now commit suicide. I think it is a short step from here untill society tells you to get in that lineup.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Flash Freeze

     Flash freeze is not a term that I am very familiar with - until yesterday. Two nights ago we had a bit of snow, 3-4 ins. Next, there was a bit of freezing rain. Then, the temperature dropped 10 degrees and everything wet, froze. The driveway, walkways with the 3-4 ins. plus small snowdrifts turned to ice. The van and car looked like two ice cubes. Ice all around, and the hood, windshield and roof wore a covering of 3-4 in. of ice.
    I had to let the vehicles run for about 45 min. to get the bottom of the ice heated. Then I could slide the ice away. I eventually cleared the roof of the car. The van still has a block of ice on the roof.
    That was yesterday. Today it is raining, and it is supposed to rain all day. Hopefully, I can clear the van because tonight we are getting another 12 ins. of snow.
    Of course, the snowplow had to go through early yesterday morning, forming a two foot wall at the end of my driveway. My snow blower was useless. Wished I had my coal-mining ancestors to dig that out.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


While editing my next book, I came across these sentences.

"He looked at the choppy "whitecaps" and visualized a Roman trireme under full sail with its slave operated oars dipping in the water. He wondered how many ships lay beneath them and how many sailors are destined to have their ashes spread over its waves. "
A year later my next door neighbor had his ashes spread over the Mediterranean.