Friday, April 20, 2007


Sunshine out there to-day. Supposed to go up to 12 C, 50 F. Stopped raining yesterday afternoon after three days.
A couple of days ago, the guy came in to clean the furnace. Sub-contracted to Sears. Different person than I usually have. Took things apart and said we needed a new furnace. Never did clean it. Spent the whole time telling us we needed to lease a furnace. Yeah, right. Went to his truck to do the paperwork and when he returned, he had already made arrangements for someone to come to do a sales pitch.
Will be getting a second opinion from my plumber. Don't want this to be a case of "Lets rip off the seniors".
The furnace is 25 years old and maybe I do need it replaced but I'll decide from where it comes.
Anyway, there is no hurry.
Guess I can do my 3km.walk to-day.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Thank You GE

Its 7:20, Wed. morning . The wind is howling and it is still raining. Since Mon. morning. But its not a big deal. If this was snow instead of rain, it would be a big deal.
Received a call from my doctor on Mon. That was quick. He doesn't fool around when he has to call. Hospital wasn't happy with my results, so now I have to go back for another CAT Scan. That cyst is getting expensive.
Had toast for breakfast and looking at the toaster, I'm reminded of its age. Received it for a wedding present, so in Feb. I will have it for 40 yrs. It's used almost every day and more than once. Only changed the cord on it twice. Made by General Electric. They certainly don't make things like that anymore. Another example of that would be the old radio from the 1930's that I am redoing. Changing all the paper capacitors and the leads are wound tight around the posts and soldered. Just like pulling teeth.
In contrast, my wife wanted a calculator with big numbers. While getting a haircut, I noticed the barber had one. Asked him where he bought it and he said at the $1.00 store. So I went and bought one. Imagine, buying a calculator for $1.00 and expecting it to work. It didn't. Took it apart and couldn't believe what I saw. The circuit board was a piece of paper and the schematic was drawn in pencil. Put it back together and it still works a year later. Guess the sheet of paper wasn't seated properly. And that's about the only repair one can do on that.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Waiting For Storm

Monday morning, 7 a.m, very windy and light rain. The temp is -4 C 26 F. Big storm in the U.S. for the last couple of days. I can look at the radar map for Halifax airport and can see that the storm is mighty close. At least it will rid us of the rest of the snow. Some of it is still ;ingering about. At this time of year, I should be getting ready to cut the grass for the first time. It's warmer cutting grass than shoveling snow. A good day to stay in the house. I'll work on my oldmagazineads .org/. Takes a while to put each one in.
Every day in the newspaper, I raed about out soldiers being killed in Afghanistan. To-day is no exception. Two coming back in coffins.
Had to go for an ultrasound last Thur. First time for that. Since I haven't done anything in a hospital since 1955, everything is first time. Oops, that's wrong. Went two months ago, when this all started. I must say, drinking that liter of water and holding it was quite unpleasant. Find out about that sometime this week.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter Snow.

We don't usually get snow at Easter, but there it is. It was only 10", so not a big deal. The temp. is still hovering around 0 C, 32 F. And it is very windy. Adding a picture of the snow. At this time of year, I should be out raking the lawn. The news yesterday was that six soldiers were killed in Afghanistan. I think all were from the Maritimes. One was from our city of Dartmouth. Still have my ads on e-bay and have also started a web page for them. Called it "Old Magazine Ads" at Just started, so not that many ads yet. I will put all the e-bay ads on it plus others. So most of the ads will be on this site. All ads will be $4.95 and the one postage will be $3.00, worldwide. we will see how it works anyway.

The sun is shining right now but it is supposed to rain or snow this afternoon.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Start of April

Operation on bladder ? Well, that didn't happen. Went for my pre-op check two days before. Had the flu, so operation was cancelled. Now I'm on the waiting list. And I haven't heard a word.
Started an internet store for my ads. Called . Want to see how this works. Just started it two days ago, so not too many ads yet. All ads are $4.95 and $3.00 postage anywhere.
It has been cold going for a walk these days. Temp. has been around +2 C, +34 F. The wind is worse of all. At least it blows in my face only half the way.