Wednesday, November 16, 2022


I think I dream every night. Sometimes I remember them but most times it's as if I draw the curtain back a bit and catch a glimpse. I like my dreams. Some are exciting, some funny and at times weird but never scary. Maybe I dream so much because I read a lot. The dreams are an extension of my reading pattern. I never read about outer space nor dream of it. Sometimes dreams cover a long period of time and we think they last all night. One night I noticed my clock before I fell asleep, had a dream and woke up. Looked at my clock again and only a few minutes had passed. In my mind, this dream had carried on for hours. 

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Speed Bumps


While I was driving around yesterday, I couldn't help but notice the would-be speed bumps. The pavement was cut, the sign was there but the asphalt wasn't in yet. Then I thought, why bother? The hole was there and that was a speed bump in itself. All you have to do is turn the sign upside-down. Think of how much pavement they would save. They should pay me a finder's fee for this idea.