Thursday, February 9, 2012

I just put this on Facebook, but I'll put it here too.

Okay, I've seen it all. At least up to this point. At this side of the bridge going to Halifax, there is a Bus Treminal. Out in front is a number of strikers carrying their placards, "On Strike, etc,etc."

 Walking on the sidewalk in front of them, and among them, is a man protesting the striking transit workers. His placard reads, "Taxpayer: Who do these transit workers think they are?"

 Strikers can't do anything. Public sidewalk, Lots of witnesses.

So, last month we got our new kitchen installed. Kent Hardware said it would cost $14,300.00. Whoa to that. Contractors are just middlemen, who get someone else to do it. Paying for nothing.I knew a guy who could do it. I did the electrical, he did the plumbing, and I helped him with the rest. The whole thing cost about $7,000.00. So that's it for the kitchen.

Next is laminate floors in the dining and living rooms. My son and I will do it. After that it will be a new bathroom. Hopefully, all done by summer.

Busy writing my second book. Two guys just out of high school, running moonshine. Using my home town as the background. Thinking of calling it, "Beer On the Rocks."

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