Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bears And the Marijuana Grow

Well, that project is done. Electric start for the snow blower this winter. Nice weather today. Not too hot.

Saw this headline that said two were arrested for marijuana and bear spay. What I can see from this is that bears love marijuana. I mean, why else would they have the bear spray? What would you do if you went out to check your grow and saw bears munching away. We're not like Americans, where everyone has a shotgun in their truck. And if they did have guns, they couldn't just go blasting away. How would you explain all the dead bears. I wonder if you left a case of Charmin for them as a bribe. They would see the toilet paper and think. "Hey this guy threats us with respect. We'll leave this grass alone." And it's not that easy for them to get toilet paper. They would have to be in T.V. commercials or something.

No sooner did I turn the page and there it was, another marijuana item. This one had a picture and was three quarters of a page long. No bears this time though. There wasn't any people either. Seems that the Mounties raided a house that was a pot grow. It was outside the city and had 343 mature marijuana plants and  had been going on for a couple of years. That's according to the neighbours, who boast that they knew all along. Did they know or are they just dumb asses trying to get their two minutes of fame? The Mounties should go back now and arrest all those who said they knew about it. We'll see how much bragging there is then. The power meter had been bypassed. Need a lot of power to run all those fans, lightbulbs etc. Shouldn't the power co. have noticed something wrong? I guess the water company is better at policing. Arrest the power co. too. How about the landlord? Since the place was rented, wouldn't you think he would check on it once in awhile? He definately gets arrested.

So the signs of a pot grow. House has no tenants, just visitors. House gets no maintenance. Weeds at the front of the house are as high as your eyeballs. Truckload of fans and lightbulbs came to the house. Windows are covered with tinfoil and there is an odor around the house. Empty truck comes every four months and leaves full. No one has a barbacue. And most of all, no one has ever invited you over for a beer. Look out your window now. Notice anything?

Another thing that really gets my goat is The National Parole Board. These people should be locked up. I think they are psychiatrists and psychologists. And we all know they have more problems than the rest of us. I think that happens in university. They get a list of all the human failings and they pick out the ones they should have. Anyway, I was reading about this guy who has convictions for attempted murder, arson, theft, carrying a concealed weapon and multipal sexual assults. In Feb. of 2009 the top court concluded that he was a substantial risk. At that time he was serving a six year sentence for assulting someone in jail fracturing the guy's eye socket and knocking out sixteen teeth. In July they decided to let the guy out on unescorted outings. It sounds like they do this out of spite. Like telling the judges, I know more about this than you do. Would they feel the same if he knocked on their doors? anyway, I think he is walking around your neighbour.

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