Sunday, August 15, 2010

Enough Refugees To Go Around

Sunday morning. Wondering what kind of trouble I will get into today? Another nice day. Same as yesterday. Mowed my neighbour's lawn the other day. Hit a rock. Bent the blade and took out the shear pin. So I will have to replace both. The worse part is the trip to Halifax. Will take an hour for the return trip. Grass growing slowing down, so there will be less cutting. Went for my 2 mile walk. Don't see too many people on a Sun. morning. It used to be that you would see them going to church. People are much smarter now. They can do everything without God. That doesn't include me. I go to mass on Sat. evening. Did you ever notice how some people get upset if you are sitting in their seat? Happened to me some years ago. It was during a weekday mass. A woman came and sat in front of me and a few minutes later she turned around and told me to get out of her seat. So I moved. Not like there wasn't enough room since there was only twelve of in church. I remembered this because she died last week. I haven't seen her for years. My wife told me years ago, that she had been a professor and went over the edge.

I see that Quebec is trying to put the screws to Newfoundland again. Years ago, Newfoundland built a dam in Labrador and shipped the power to Quebec for a set long term price. Quebec turned around and sold it to the U.S. and kept the profit. Now Nfld is building another dam and Que. wants the same deal. Que. is determined to screw Nfld on this deal. So Nfld has decided to put an undersea cable to Nova Scotia and get access to the U.S. that way. They are trying to get some money under the infrastructure program to help with this. They are pulling their weight in Ottawa to put a clamp on this. Now it is out in the open and there are some unhappy people. Some months ago, Quebec was all set to buy NB Power. There was so much stink about it, the New Brunswick government back tracked on it and the deal fell through. So what is Que. up to, trying to get control of all the maritime power? And what would be next.

Seems that we are a soft touch for any refugees. We've known that for years and now a ship with 490 Tamils from Sri Lanka has docked. The first thing I have to say about that is that I can't imagine being on a cargo ship for three months. A lot of them paid for this passage, giving funds to the terrorists. They would also sneak some of their terrorists into the passanger list. Hopefully those in charge have enough of the grey matter to sort them out. You can't blame the people for wanting a better life. Wouldn't you? I heard that there are two more ships on the way. Better beef up that welfare.

This is from the "I've heard it all now category." A woman in Philly stole almost half a million from her boss. Her sentence was twenty-one years of house arrest with her mother. Her ex boss said he was more interested in getting the money back than sending her to jail. So now she works from home and pays back $700. a month. At that rate it will take 21 years. I guess she is hoping to get a raise so she can get out earlier. The article doesn't say, but I'm assuming she still has the same boss unless she works for the prison system. Also doesn't say if she gets vacations. I guess marriage is off the table. Imagine listening to your mother for the next 21 yrs?

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