Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Fall Of The American Empire

Yesterday I started on the wire the shed project. Did all the inside work and then hooked up an entension cable to the fusebox. Lo and behold, it all worked. That was at 5 P.M. Then the plan was to measure for the underground cable. But it started to rain, so that was the end to that plan. Too bad I couldn't get the distance. I could buy the materials today. When I start something, I like to take it to the finish. One of my neighbours is building a patio. I think he started a month ago. A couple of days ago, he and a friend were pounding nails. Yesterday, nothing. I'm wondering if he'll finish by winter. Why I'm thinking that is because he's the guy who has a landscaper come in to mow his lawn. Anyway, that's him and for me it will rain all day. No trench digging for me.

I suppose you've heard about the problem checking veiled women at the airport. Common sense just does not prevail in this case. I'm assuming that that they had a photo taken without a veil. So what's the problem now? They crap on us because they can. The one they like to crap on the most is the Americans. They are doing that in fine style in New York right now with the cultural center near the 9-11 site. To me, this is totally wrong. I have no problem with them building a Mosque, but why add insult to injury. They can build it somewhere else but it doesn't give them the publicity they get now. The Islamic world can look at this and say,"Look what they are dong to our religion in America!  Off with their heads." I'm all for democracy but even in this you have to draw a line. You can't let everyone run amuk and do what they want. I believe in the U.S. their brand of democracy is doing them in. Their enemies use it against them every which way but loose.

The laws in England evolved starting in 1215 with The Magna Carta. Over the years it changed to where it is now. It didn't happen that way in the U.S. For them it started in 1776 when they threw out everything and started over. The trouble with that is that its the thoughts and ideas of the people of that period. They didn't have a long period thinking about it or gauging its outcome. I always hear the sentence,"I wonder what the founding fathers had in mind when they said this?" The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear this is the gun law. In 1776 that would have been a good idea. The people then didn't know if their country would be there the next day. But today, not such a good idea. They didn't evolve and they now have a gun problem that keeps getting worse. Two mass shootings yesterday.

I just thought that this is much better than a typewriter. How could you go back and correct all the spelling mistakes? In school my best subject was history. I love historical films. It also helps if they have a bit of truth.  Take for example, "Braveheart." Great movie but mostly crap. There was a William Wallace in Scotland, who did battle the English. But that's pretty well it. In the movie they led us to believe that he made out with the princess. In actual fact she was four years old at that time. I never read anywhere that they did a mooning. Do you think that Mel Gibson would use artistic license?

It appears to me that I am watching a remake of the fall of the roman empire. Not just the U.S. but western civilization in general. Rome sent troops to other countries, ditto. Tried to control the resources of these countries, ditto. At home was greed and decadence, ditto. Everyone tries to go to Rome to get a piece of the action, ditto. Subjects of losing countries start raising shit, ditto. Rome is changed into a bunch of Italians with Fiats. Awaiting sequel.


Jack said...

Miriam McCue u r right about some things... Guns? not.. There is too much tolerance of thugs here.. We have gangs as an alternate government. The bad guys get guns anywhere,. Illegally tons of them.. THe good guys who follow the rules don't ..
Maybe w...e should send our troops to get rid of them ...
An old lady like me should pack heat, 'cause if the bad guys know I don't I would be "prey"...
Plus maybe in your area you don't. but we have a subculture of criminals who are let off easily.. Heard of one guy in area got 3 years for murder... lots of stuff.
Hey, Read Caesar's Gaelic wars... Great. If u want to know about Rome and its conquests... THe Guals weren't so hot either.. Warring tribes. Not always peaceful little villages.

Jack said...

From Facebook
Verna O'Sullivan - Mel Gibson gives himself a lisence to do lots of things.LOL.

Miriam McCue - Gibson: Typical long time alcoholism... makes behavior like that..