Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Friendship Lost and Found

Tuesday morning as we move thru summer. Still staying warm. I had a couple of visitors on Sunday evening. A friend I haven't seen since 1962 and his wife. We drag raced, chased girls and joined the air force together. He didn't make a career of it as I did and he went to St. Catherines, Ont. Ended up having a career with General Motors from which he retired about ten yrs. ago. His wife was a school teacher. Seeing him after all these years was a total surprise. And how did he find out where I lived? The power of the internet. In June, when I was reading the obituary column on line in The Cape Breton Post, I saw that his older brother had died. So I did one of those on line condolances. And voila, there I was. What was really surprising was that one of his daughters has lived near the airport for the past twelve years. He visits her every year and he was only twenty min. away from me. But as they say, better late than never. Anyway, we had a great chat over beer and I'll probably see him in a couple of weeks. He has a summer home in Cape Breton.

Do you remember that reporter from Rolling Stone magazine that was imbedded with the troops and gave out all that poop from the General? Well, he asked to be embedded with the troops again. That's not going to happen. His trust level would be zero now. Pretty stupid for one byline. I guess chasing ambulances should be his next beat.

I read that Justin Bieber is putting out his memoirs. Can you imagine that? Sixteen years old and having memoirs? I've spent more time in the washroom. And of course, someone would have to write it for him.

Did you know that women, low income wage earners are the most likely to get diabetes. I guess the bottom line for that is the purchase of junk food.

I saw that the Prime Minister was here last week. In Canada, that sort of thing is hardly noticeably. Now in the U.S., it's on CNN when the President goes to the bathroom. Down there, they are celebrities. I know what he is supposed to do on his job but he seems to spend more more time in front of the camera than anywhere else. Come to think of it, I don't know who is worse, Obama or Putin. Putin's antics are like a joke. Baring his chest and flexing his muscles. Capt. America on "The View" and Capt Russia riding his motorbike up Mount Everest. Get the full story tonight on CNN. Watch our heroes in action. Blah, blah, blah.

I saw something funny this morning. It was a full page showing children's fashions for school. They are the same clothes kids wore when I went to school. But then they wore them because they couldn't afford anything else. But now they pay a fortune to look like Raggity Ann and Andy. You know, I bet you could buy clothes at the Salvation Army Store and be a fashion Guru at school.

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