Sunday, August 22, 2010

From Vegetable Oil To Wine Corks

I was adding some more magazine ads to my on-line library when I came across one for Wesson Vegetable Oil. What surprised me the most about this ad was its information on cholesterol. And this was in 1959. Some research told me that it was first discovered in 1769 and over the years there would be this and that about it. In 1964 a couple of guys got the Nobel Prize for discovering how it worked. In 1985 another Nobel Prize for someone who found out how it could be regulated. Almost immediately they started working on a drug, which became Lipitor launched in 1997. When I saw the ad I thought Wesson should have been given a prize too but then I saw what they were cooking in the oil. Hamburgers!

Here's a link to the ad

Opened up a bottle of wine the other day and the cork reminded me what I read about corks. We should have more respect for corks. Cork comes from a tree found only in spain and Portugal. It's like bark and they peel it off. First it has to grow for nine years, then they peel it and can be three inches thick. Now they have to wait for another nine years to do it again. So it is renewable. I saw a cork tree when I was in Spain. This one was way out in the countryside and wasn't being used, so the cork had split. Remember the next time you open a wine bottle with a cork. It took nine years to get there.

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