Monday, August 2, 2010

"Inception" Is My Exception

Monday morning. Natal Day in Halifax. You can see a Parade. The only parade I'll see is me behind  lawn mower. My wife and daughter are away for a week, but I'm sure we won't starve. But the day is starting off really, really bad. They say that the average Canadian retires at 62 1/2. And that's what I did. Being typically Canadian, I didn't want to rock the boat. But yesterday evening I found out that I was not average. Whether I'm above or below doesn't matter. This all came about because of a movie. Everyone is raving about the movie "Inception." Some people call it awesome. I'm of the mind that if you call a movie awesome, that means you paid to see it. If you get the movie for free, then your feelings might be different. I never hear anyone say," I went to that movie last night and it was the pitts." Maybe awesome means that they went out last night with friends, had a great time and I think there was a movie on too. I remember that if you took your girlfriend to the Drive-in, they were all awesome, even if it was "The Red Blob From Mars."

Ellen Page was in "Inception." A home town girl, you have to be faithful to her, right? I've watched all her ads for "Cisco." Not Cisco Kid you dummy, Cisco Systems. Anyway, I watched the first 15 min. and it was terrible. Changed to a different movie. Later on it was, "I'm sorry Ellen, maybe I was rash, I'l give it another try. A half hour later, nope, I hate it. Maybe its one of those movies that when it comes out of the theatre, you never hear about it again. That would put me back on the normal list. I have to get back. Don't want to wander around abnormal.

I seem to be getting myself in a rut. Not only about "Inception", but also about "Haven", a show made in Lunenburg. Again I'm being faithful to a Nova Scotia product. Did you ever watch that show? I've watched four shows so far and I sweat that everyone in that burg needs anger management. Every show seems to be the same. Things fly around and go bump in the night, all because someone is having a temper tantrum. That's on my short list for shows to get rid of.

On facebook for today: If you go to Tim Hortons with a problem relative to share a donut, one gets the donut and the other gets the hole.

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