Thursday, August 19, 2010

Raising A Stink Over Stink

The title means exactly what it says. We're talking about biosolids. Fancy name for poop eh? This newspaper arguement has been going on all week. You do know what biosolids are, don't you? Its raw sewage, treated and then used as compose. Now this reminds me of the time I was stationed in West Germany. (It's hard to imagine a place called West Germany.) The farmers put raw sewage on the fields. And that was untreated. Anyone living there in that era can remember driving behind a Honeywagon.

It seems that we have been putting this poop on farm lands around Nova Scotia for quite awhile now. This practice has never reached my ears or my nose possibly because of the lack of complaints. But it appears that the city has made a boo boo and used some of the poo poo along city streets. And what made it worse was the fact that they used it in what we would call a more high class area. It used to be thee high class area but over the years has fallen down a few notches. The use of poo poo won't be bringing them up any time soon. So, I guess if you are better off, your complaints are better heard.

What do they suggest we do about it? They say we should burn it. Can N.S. Power use this instead of oil? If they did, the price of power should come down. We want to be paid for our poop. But that might cause more air polution and we don't need that. We can't put it in the ocean. The whales might start sprouting wings or something. So I guess the best thing to do is fix it up so it don't smell bad and sell it at Wal-Mart as compose for your garden.

Went for my walks the last few days. Changed the route yesterday and went thru a wooded area, along a lake filled with ducks and ended up at a tourist farm. There I patted two goats on the head. Do you know we have 27 lakes? Humidity too high for anything too strenuous unless you include adding to the biosolids.

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