Thursday, August 12, 2010

Right Blue Jeans - Wrong Body

Yesterday was a warm, muggy day. Today, somewhat the same. My wife & daughter came home monday. When my wife looked in the freezer, she saw this large gaping hole. She was so happy and yesterday it was off to the supermarket. Had to fill that spot. One thing she didn't realize was that part of that hole was filled by a chocolate cake.

"One of the most frustating things for women is that they are not finding the right jeans for their body." Ha, ha, ha. Sorry for my outburst of laughter. I read that and it did tickle my funnybone. So Levi will now have three new models of jeans, all with a size 27 waist. For american customers? Ha, ha, ha. This just keeps getting funnier. Maybe they shouldn't manufacture too many of that size. They never mentioned anything about stretch bands for the front. Yes, when I go out I notice a lot with 27" waist. OK I'm lying. When I read a little farther, I noticed the designs were made by an oriental. Does that tell you something?

It's official now. The swine flu pandemic is over. The drug companies must have gotten rid of all their supplies. They pulled that stunt and everyone followed like sheep. Well, not everyone. I guess it worked so well last time, they are going to try it again. This time its called the super bug. They must watch the same scary movies that I do.

Right now I'm telling you that the Americans got nothing on us. Them and their Mexicans. We have two Ukrainians charged with trying to smuggle eight Eastern Europeans into Canada on a sailboat. So there. We're in the big time now. To be truthful, I don't know why they go through all this trouble. For the rest of the summer they are expecting 130 cruise ships to dock in Halifax. All they have to do is get a ticket on a cruise ship. It docks at Halifax at off you go. And if you can't get a ticket, how hard can it be to stow away on a vessel with a zillion passangers? It seems that people can't take the simple way of doing things.

Latest Facebook entries are: When stupid people believe something, it's hard to change their mind. Wives excluded from former, included in latter.

Is there such a thing as getting up late if you're retired?

I don't know about Snoop Dogg, but I wouldn't mind seeing Snoopy fly in on his Sopwith Camel.

I heard that Snoop Dogg went to Cape breton to see Whitney Houston. Found out too late it was Whitney Pier.

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