Thursday, August 26, 2010

Santa's Choir

Our fearless Prime Minister is busy visiting the igloos up north. There was a time that everyone knew that the North Pole and Santa belonged to Canada. Now everyone wants to own Santa. It seems that a little oil can make a difference to everyone's life. In yesterday's newspaper, there is a photo of the PM and behind him on the wall is a trophy fish. When I first saw it, I thought it was one of those singing fish ornaments. The PM has his hand in the air as if to say,"OK gang, lets hear it for the singing fish." The photographer took great pains to have both of them in the same photo. I looked thru ebay at photos of singing fish and my mind was put at ease because the fish were all pointing in the other direction. But then I thought, if you turn the fish upside down, he then points in the other direction. I think the Liberal or NDP party should bring this up during questioning period. "Mr. Prime Minister, will you come clean with the people of Canada and tell them what tax break you gave to the singing fish?" This could be an election issue. Just think, the Government of Canada brought down by a big mouth bass rather then just by a big mouth.

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