Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The United Panhandlers and Vagrants Union

Holy Moley! Checked Home Depot flyer this morning and they have a snow blower fo rsale. It's only the middle of Aug. I guess they replace lawnmowers and barbacues. It rained last night so everything is wet. Had plans to work on my ramp to the shed. When I built it a few years ago, I never attached it. Just left it laying up against. So last winter when everything froze, it lifted the ramp above the door opening so I couldn't open the door. Had to wait for a few days till it thawed out and then I dragged it away from the door. This year it gets mounted.

Well we had another coyote attack in Cape Breton. That was a few days ago and I remember reading about it online. The first comment after that was why this girl was out at 4:30 am.  I thought she might be out jogging because some people do that very early. As it turns out, she was sleeping in a sleeping bag outside her parents tent. The coyote came and decided to munch on her head. She screamed and yelled and the coyote took off. Could have been a lot worse. What if he had grabbed her by the throat and she was unable to yell? A lot of what ifs. Anyway that coyote is in the bad books and they want him hanging on someone's wall. I don't imagine that any sports team down there will want to call themselves "The Coyotes." Then again, its Cape Breton, they might.

Remember the guy living atop a gold mine? Well they hauled him away the other day, his heels dragging in the mud. He was offered $350,000. but was hanging on for 1 million. Now it will be settled for fair market value. This dumb-ass doesn't understand that greed only works for rich people not the rest of us.

Here's a headline that really caught my eye. "Panhandlers targeted for job training." Holy crap, now you're asking for trouble. Do these guys have a union like "The United Panhandlers and Vagrants Union?" Can we look forward to these guys protesting on the main drag? Some of them make a lot of bucks. We're talking hundreds a day. Do you think they want to go to school? I'm more likely to read something else into this. I'm talking about these leeches who dream up some product of helping someone and get the government to give them a grant. Once these grants start, they are hard to stop. Just like a charity, the money has to keep rollin in.

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