Sunday, January 30, 2011


Sunday morning and chaos in Egypt. I suppose this has no where to go but downhill. Countries have to be careful which side they line up with. A wrong choice could be a disaster for their foreign policy. And what happens afterwards. Perhaps a government of hard line Islamics, which spells nothing but trouble foe us, I suppose I mean us Christians.
Today it's 30C/32F. The word on the street is that we will have a snow storm on Wed. Supposed to be 20cm/8ins. That's not really bad, unless the wind gets rough. It's a long time between now and Wed. It could be rain, as it has been for almost every storm this year.
I'm writing a horror short story this time around. Midnight shift at the hospital. But I can't seem to be able to get enough blood flying. Not enough experience with hospitals I guess. Somehow I need a chainsaw in there.
I just noticed I have one follower. Thank you Regge from Cal. I've been there, and you don't worry about snow. I must say, I'm interested in the Blogs you follow.

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