Tuesday, October 30, 2012


by C. Hope Clark

WHEN 100 FOLLOWERS IS BETTER THAN 1,000They call it a tribe. I'm not crazy about that word, because
fans aren't a tribe. They are good friends, in my opinion.
But anyway, let's talk numbers.

When someone says, "Follow me on..." so he can build up
followers on some social network, what does that mean?
So he has 10,000 followers. How many of those read what
he has to say? How many of those look forward to buying
his work? How many of those belong to his "tribe" because
they feel they have to because there are 9,999 other
people who do? How many just delete?

While gobs of followers sound good, we both know that
what counts is how many care enough to come hear you speak,
buy your book, or tell their friends about you.

Finding these "solid" fans evades most people, mainly
because so many up-and-coming writers are looking over the
tops of them, hunting through hordes of strangers to build
that elusive platform.

Start with the lowest common denominator. Start with who
you know. Connect with them, keep in touch with them, and
they become your best allies.

The point is that starting with people who love and trust you,
is a huge jumpstart. They not only buy your work, but they
talk you up with vigor to their connections. That's planting
seeds that spread roots everywhere!

Bottom line, don't overlook everybody you touch or who touches
you when you need a platform. You can start your garden in
well tilled soil or you can start it in new ground. Guess
which one will give you the best results?

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