Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fence Posts.

    Two weeks ago, I decided to replace some broken fence posts. This a ritual I do every year. It's usually two or three posts. This year, I decided to replace them with treated ties. Take them longer to rot. As it turned out, we replaced all twenty of them. Do it now and get it over with. I won't be replacing posts next year. It took my wife and I three days, with my son helping on the last day.
    I have a simplified fence, not meant to keep anyone out. Posts are ten feet apart. Between the first two posts I have two five inch boards, then it's one board to the next post, then it's two again, so forth, all the way down. That's one- hundred feet on each side. The back fence is wire, put up by the mall. Beyond is trees.
    When I first came here, back in '74, we had a white picket fence. Painting that was something else. No Tom Sawyer here. Then one day, my wife surprised me - she sold the fence. Seriously, I didn't think anyone would buy it. But, someone came with a truck and carted away each section, leaving me the posts. So I copied the one my father had in his yard.