Sunday, June 22, 2014

Mail Delivery

    Well, it's official, home mail delivery ceases next year. Then it will be trudging off to some super mail box somewhere. It won't be one of the joys of winter.
    Went to the Rehab Center on Fri. My daughter was all measured up for the insert for the new wheelchair. Of course, it was raining that day. Hail and rain just as we wanted to get out of the van. Spent the next ten minutes answering questions. "When do you think it will stop?" " Is it stopped enough?" "Is that hail?" "Should we try it now?" It did stop and we made the mad dash.
    Did learn something new. They are getting a new system in and they want to see if she can use a computer by just using her eyes. That sounds intriguing. One can only hope. Don't know when the system is coming in.
    Back again next week for another fitting.