Saturday, May 23, 2015

Lawn Mowers.

      The next task was to get my lawn mowers ready to go. I have two mowers. One, you press the handle and away she goes. I use that one out front. Hills on the sides of the lawn. It mulches everything. Also has a bag on the back. The other machine is one I put together from three broken mowers. 22" across, so I use it in the back yard.
      Changed the oil in both machines. You take the cover off the top and lay it on its side. I cleaned them both last fall and took out the gas. Filled up with gas and both started on the first pull. I bought the new one at Sears Clearance the year before last. It doesn't have a primer for the gas - you just pull the cord. I would rather have a primer. But, you can get over that. Just take out the spark plug and spray in some carb. cleaner.
      The day after that, I cut the grass out front. Don't need to do the back yet. The new machine has a hose connection. Hook up the hose - turn the mower on and it washes underneath.