Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mosquito Bite.

      On the way home from P.E.I, my wife was bitten by a mosquito. That was Fri. and on Sat. she had a bubble on it about 1 inch across. So it was best to go to Emergency. It seems that no matter what problem you have, you get to spend 4 hrs. there. She came home with a prescription to take every 6 hrs. They told her not to burst the bubble, because of infection. My wife was scared of getting the Flesh Eating Disease.
      It just so happened that she had an appointment on Mon. morning with an allergy doctor. By then, the bubble started getting larger, about two inches across. The allergy doctor put a needle in and drained the bubble, put an antibiotic on it and wrapped it up. She has to do that twice a day. I think they should have done that at the hospital. Looking better now. Attached is a photo of the early stages. They put a black circle around it and told her to return if it got red beyond the mark.