Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Earth is Round.

     When I was at the ruins of Ephesus a few years ago, I saw what was left of a Roman statue. It was an emperor's foot on a globe. The ancient Romans obviously knew the world was round.

     (From Armstrong Economics: Knowledge itself moves in cycles. The reverse side of the coin of the Roman Emperor Theodosius II (402-450 AD) dpicts the emperor standing holding the world as a round globe. To the left is the scepter of the only Roman emperor to have been discovered. Here too, we see from Maxentius (306-312 AD) that the world is represented as a globe and not a flat piece of land. The Chinese and Romans knew about each other; both claimed that the world was round and they were the rulers of the world. Yet knowledge is lost in the Dark Age and we returned to the primitive idea that the world was flat. What our computer is accomplishing is an awakening of knowledge that has been lost. This is a journey to rediscover reality.
     The fall of Rome destroyed a lot more than people realize. It was more than just gold coins vanishing until the 13th century. Knowledge itself also vanished and we are still clawing our way back to understanding. Personal opinion is meaningless for it does not even scratch the surface. Open your mind and you just may begin to see what we have forgotten.)