Friday, March 3, 2017

From Armstrong Economics

These people who are protesting seem to be rather weak-minded for they are absolutely clueless that they are the pawns of the establishment trying so desperately to stop Trump from reforming their little club. They may claim to hate the special interests, yet the special interests are the very ones who are supporting and funding these protests.

The political elite are hiding in the shadows funding this entire movement. Obama, meanwhile, will reenter politics and get involved in rigging the voting lines so the Democrats can win back Congress.

These people protesting are egged on by the elites in the shadows and they are using this immigration issue to paint Trump as racist because the people protesting are far to naive to comprehend what is going on in the international stage. The real battle is freedom and reforming the powers-that-be, but these protesters cannot see the agenda behind the curtain. They have swallowed the bait, hock-line-and-sinker and are now simply the pawns of the elite hiding in the shadows.