Friday, August 6, 2010

American And Canadian Taliban

Friday morning after a night of big rain. And today we are supposed to have showers. I was hoping to have this project all finished before my wife got home. Have to pick her up on Sunday. Maybe it's God's way of telling me that I need a project manager when I slice across the lawn. She is more likely to lay the sods back nice and perfect. I measured the distance yesterday with the light rain as my accompanist. 74" from the shed. I'll get 80". I'll need wire and underground ducting. Hard to dig where the grass is high, so I'll have to mow the area where I'm going to digg.

There are some things that really choke me. They were talking on CNN last night about Americans that choose to go and fight for the Taliban. We have the same type of idiots here in Canada. Off they go to Pakistan to help the Taliban. Since we are at war with them, it is my firm belief that these people should be treated as traitors. Canada is not good enough for them unless they get caught. Then its Oh Canada, please help me. Take me back home again. So home they come, get their crybaby lawyers and moan and complain about how bad they were treated. If you've broken the law in Pakistan, they should keep you and then you can think long and hard about what you are fighting for. I read about one the other day. Got caught and spent four years in a Pakistan. They got him out and now he's not being prosecuted because his rights were stepped on. His father was a friend of bin Laden and a money raiser for him. He got smucked over there. His younger brother is in Gitmo for throwing a grenade that killed an American. They can keep him.

In Malartic, Quebec, there is a guy sitting on top of a gold mine. A mining company wants to start work on a multibillion-dollar operation but this guy is holding up the boat. He won't sell his house. So they went to court  and the verdict was, OK bud, you're outta here. They may drag him out by his toenails as early as Monday. So is this government pushing the little guy around or something else. I'm going to put this in perspective, at least my perspective.

It starts of that there were 204 houses there. It's part of a town. Everyone else sold out and they had their house moved to another part of town or it was destroyed. They say his house is run down and he doesn't actually live there all the time. The value of the house is $14,000. and he has been offered $350,000. Any crap that this is to protect personal property rights goes down the drain when you find out that he actually wants 1 million dollars.

I can't see the people in the area being very buddy-buddy with him any longer. He is holding up something that is going to provide a lot of jobs. This has been going on for three years and now they will receive compensation determined by a provincal tribunal in exchange for the home. Any bet that it will be less than $350,000.?

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